Preparing Seniors for Daylights Saving: Small Tricks That Make All the Difference

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February 22, 2024
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As the seasons change, so does our relationship with time. Daylight Saving Time is a practice that many of us have grown accustomed to over the years. While the turning of the clock may seem like such a minor adjustment, it can affect a few aspects of our lives, especially for seniors. Sometimes, even just a one-hour shift can disrupt sleep patterns and routines.

When living in a retirement home in Oakville, it is important to encourage seniors to do everything they can to destress and get the sleep they need. We have outlined some helpful tips and tricks below, for those looking for ways to help.

How to Help Seniors Adjust to DST in Senior Homes

Daylight Saving Time can be a challenging adjustment for seniors, but with a few small tricks and a supportive environment, they can ease into the time change more comfortably.

Gradual Adjustments

As it is with any change, making small adjustments leading up to the event is always helpful. Encourage them to go to bed and wake up 15 minutes earlier each day for a few days prior to the shift. This gradual approach can ease the shock to their internal body clock and make the transition smoother.

Optimize Sleep Environment

A comfortable sleep environment is crucial for everyone, not only seniors! Ensure that their sleeping area is conducive to rest by keeping the room dark, quiet, and cool. A handy tip is investing in blackout curtains to block out the early morning light. It is a great way to give your sleep schedule an advantage.

Maintain a Consistent Routine

Routine is essential, as it provides a sense of stability and predictability. By encouraging regular daily routines, including mealtimes, exercise, and social activities, they can fall into an enjoyable routine. Consistency is key for seniors living in Oakville retirement residences.

Light Exposure

It is no secret that the sun gives us energy and fresh air can sometimes be the wake-up call that we did not know we needed. Encourage seniors in retirement homes in Oakville to spend time outdoors during the day, especially in the morning. This exposure can help reset their internal body clock. Add a light walk around the block for a boost!

Mindful Nutrition

Diet can also impact sleep quality. It is important to avoid any heavy or spicy meals close to bedtime. Opt for light, easily digestible foods for the final meal of the day. Another major thing to take note of is staying hydrated. It is best to limit fluid intake close to bedtime, but important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Limit Screen Time

It is a well-known fact that the blue screen emitted from televisions, smartphones, and computers can interfere with sleep. Encourage limiting screen time, especially in the evening hours. Advise them to instead read a book!

Relaxation Techniques

Meditation and deep breathing can help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. Guided relaxation exercises can be particularly beneficial for those who may be experiencing stress.

Seek Social Support

Even if it is just one hour of sleep, if a senior is struggling and can't get back into the routine, advise them to reach out to loved ones and share their experiences. Talking about the challenges they face can provide emotional support and a sense of connection.

Be Patient

Lastly, patience is key. It may take some time for seniors to fully adjust to the new time schedule. Be understanding and offer support as they navigate this transition.

Living Livita: Senior Living in Oakville

By implementing these strategies, we can help seniors continue to enjoy a fulfilling and restful life, even as the clock springs forward.

If you are looking to learn more about our retirement homes in Oakville, whether for yourself, a loved one, or to learn more about how you can help, visit our website today! Our services include assistance with meals, medications, respite care, and so much more.

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