Finding Our Founders: Learning About How Pickering Started

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March 26, 2024
Library in Pickering, ON

Did you know that non-formal learning can help sustain psychological well-being? Learning is a lifelong process, vital at any stage of your life. It’s a great way to keep your mind active and engaged.

There are different ways residents can continue to learn at Pickering retirement homes. We offer enriching programs and activities for further learning. If you want to keep it simple, reading, watching videos, or taking classes are also excellent ways to learn at senior homes.

Learning About Pickering’s History at Retirement Homes Near You

Here at Livita Parkway, we love putting out materials that residents can find interesting. This lets residents of our retirement home in Pickering have a better understanding of their community.

About the Wyandot People

Thousands of years before the Europeans ever came to what is now Pickering, it was inhabited by the native Wyandot People. This was around the 15th century. From there, the Wyandot headed northwest to Georgian Bay where they met French explorers, fur traders, and missionaries who docked in the area.

The European Settlement

During the late 1700s, the British overthrew the French colonist living in the area. From then, they occupied the territory and named the area Pickering, after a small market town in North Yorkshire, England.

Pickering In the Early Days

It was recorded that in the year 1825, about 800 people were living in the Township of Pickering. Being a wooded area, this attracted a lot of British and American farmers.

By 1850, Pickering became a county and increased its population to 6000. There were fewer crowds and beautiful beaches across the lakefront. This made the town a popular summer vacation spot.

By the 1870s, a lighthouse, wharf, and grain elevator were built by the Frenchman’s Bay Harbour Company along Frenchman’s Bay. These developments attracted more settlers as the small village grew.

The City of Pickering

After WW2, the growth and population of Pickering continued to rise. A lot of people moved into the area, especially those from Toronto. It has become one of the most economically independent cities in Ontario.

Pickering has a high employment rate, with the Power plant and other industries existing in the city providing ample employment opportunities.

Full of Learning at Pickering Retirement Homes

Pickering has progressed a lot over the years, making it an ideal community to live. If you’re looking for retirement homes in Pickering, Ontario, choose Livita Parkway.

We believe that a vibrant life is the only type of life worth living. We offer a myriad of programs, services, and amenities to help our residents lead an enriching lifestyle.

Choose the right senior home for you or your loved one. If you have questions about our programs and amenities, feel free to contact us! Our team is here to help.

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