What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a form of short-term care for older adults. It can be offered at home, at a healthcare facility, or at a retirement residence in Oshawa.

There are many reasons people choose respite services. For caregivers, it gives them a break if they need it. For active seniors, it is an opportunity to experience senior living before choosing to move into a retirement residence.

Looking for a place that offers respite care near you? At Livita Centennial, we provide temporary stay services for active seniors. We have furnished suites and high-quality amenities sure to make you or your loved ones feel right at home. Learn more about our respite care programs by giving us a call today.

Types of Respite Care

In Oshawa, you will find several ways respite care is offered for older adults. It is just a matter of choosing which one fits your needs. Let us look at the different options for short-term care.

  1. In-Home Respite Care: Respite care services can be done at home. Professional caregivers come to you to provide care, depending on how long it is needed.
  2. Adult Day Centres: These offer respite care for seniors during the day. Adult day centres are non-residential. They provide meals, activities, and other care programs. Older adults can stay here for a few hours or the whole day. It’s a great way to take respite in the company of others, a perfect way to socialize.
  3. Residential Facilities: This is respite care offered in Oshawa retirement homes. Older adults can stay for days, weeks, or months in a residential setting. These options include having their own suite, daily meals, and whatever programs and services are offered in the residence.

While all three of these types can work for seniors, we would recommend respite care in a retirement community both due to the social benefits and the comprehensive resources available.

Why Choose a Short-Term Respite Care Facility?

There are many ways respite care is the perfect choice for older adults in Oshawa.

  1. Take advantage of all manner of amenities, services, and a supportive environment in your retirement community. This is great for older adults who are considering transitioning to retirement living and want to try it out while getting any additional care they may require.
  1. Needing emergency temporary care. This can be due to an emergency on the caregiver’s side or the older adults.
  1. Needing support during the winter season. Winter in Oshawa can be a challenging time. Respite care offers a safe environment where older adults can stay active and engaged without having to deal with the stresses that Canadian winters can pose.
  1. Providing respite for caregivers. This allows caregivers the chance to take a break, recover from an illness, or go on a vacation.

Looking for Respite Care in the Durham Region?

Livita Centennial offers respite care for older adults. We have well-furnished suites, amenities, and services that will make your stay comfortable and meaningful. Take part in the many activities and programs we have to offer in the company of like-minded people.

Whether you need respite care or independent living services, Livita Centennial is the right choice. Want to learn more about our programs, services, respite care costs, and more? Give us a call today!

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