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 Livita believes that a vibrant life is the only type of life worth living. As a key part of our Live Balanced, Live Better philosophy, our homes offer a full array of interesting clubs, programs, entertainment, dancing, exercise and crafts to choose from as well as parties, BBQs, church services, and various seasonal and special events.

Spirit: Nonstop development reinforces their vitality

We commit ourselves to opening doors that allow for re-discovery by fostering meaningful engagements with the people around us and encouraging exploration of the world we live in. Aging has never been this invigorating.

Body: Celebrate your unique self!

We all have certain needs as unique and varied to us as our own bodies. Livita celebrates our ever-evolving needs though the types of care we offer, while always operating with the highest level of respect and dignity.

Mind: A healthy mind is a vibrant mind.

Our specialized approach to memory care focuses on ensuring health and vitality. Although there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, we ensure living with dignity, purpose, and meaning each day.

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