Best Retirement Homes  in Oshawa, ON

Retirement is an important period of every older adult’s life. Making the change from working 9 to 5 to having more time in your hands can be a daunting experience. One of the most significant decisions active seniors can make is benefitting from what retirement homes in Oshawa, Ontario have to offer.

Making the Move: Retirement Homes in Oshawa Area

Oshawa is one of the best communities to retire in. Found along the shorelines of Lake Ontario, it boasts a lot of beautiful parks and green spaces.

The scenic town offers a relaxing atmosphere perfect for retirement residences like Centennial Retirement Residence. Enjoy city life on the lake, with a lot of activities and amenities for active seniors.

Let us look at why Oshawa retirement homes are a great choice.

Community Living

City Mayor, Dan Carter, says that Oshawa is a very safe community with a lot of green spaces, trails, and parks. It is an ideal place to enjoy retirement living homes while still having a lot of access to outdoor activities and events.

Rich Arts & Culture Scene

Active seniors in Oshawa have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the arts and culture scene in the city. There are theaters and galleries around that residents can visit. Regardless of your hobbies and interests, the city will definitely have something for you.

Plenty of Lush, Outdoor Spaces

Take in plenty of outdoor spaces, from more than one hundred parks around to the beautiful scenery of Lake Ontario. Looking for new retirement homes in Oshawa means getting to benefit from the calming and comfort of the great outdoors.

Affordable Retirement Residence

Retirement living costs in Oshawa typically depend on the type of suite and the amount of care you or your loved one needs. What Livita Centennial makes sure of is providing top-notch support and services that make living there worth it.

There is a vast array of programs and activities, along with assisted living options. This lets us offer the kind of community that you can trust to look out for your specific needs.


Top Retirement Homes in Oshawa

Previously owned by Chartwell, Livita Centennial offers the same, if not a higher level of support and service for our residents. Our “Live Balanced, Live Better” philosophy allows us to over programs and services geared towards promoting healthy and fulfilling lives for our residents. Livita believes that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle.

Livita Centennial is not only a place for senior adults to move into. It is also a community where they can experience enriching activities and plenty of support from a dedicated team.

It is important to choose retirement homes near Oshawa that aim to promote your physical as well as mental well-being. This is what makes Livita Centennial the top choice in Oshawa.


The Best Retirement Homes “Near Me”

Looking for a list of retirement homes in Oshawa? Look no further! Centennial Retirement Residence has bright, welcoming spaces and surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds and a garden. Our dedicated staff is there to support your needs, from social and recreational events to activities of daily living.

Let our friendly team ensure a worry-free lifestyle for you or your loved ones! Contact us to book a tour of our community and learn more about our services today.

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Get To Know Us

Brandy Stinson – General Manager

Livita Centennial, Oshawa, Ontario

20+ years in the hospitality and senior living industry – joining the Centennial team in 2017.
I love my work at the Centennial as it allows me to make a positive impact on people’s
lives! Fun fact – I love to cook with my family and experiment with different foods and flavours.

  • I really enjoy the activities here. I love to play scrabble, do crafts 
    and easy exercises. I love to go for walks everyday with my little 
    dog Maggie. Having Maggie with me has been very good for my 
    Janet S.
  • The staff are friendly, and my room feels like home.
    Mary Ann C.
  • I love my room, it is perfect! It faces the courtyard with all the flowers, 
    birds and sun.
    Ann G.
  • I feel like this is my home. The people are friendly, and the staff are very 
    lovely and helpful.
    Annetta M.
  • I would highly recommend Livita Retirement Residences As soon as you 
    enter Livita Retirement Residences, you will find yourself in a very 
    welcoming lobby. The recent renovations on the main floor, which include 
    a sitting area with a fireplace, as well as a bistro, are very inviting. The 
    apartments are spacious and well laid out. The best part of Livita 
    Retirement Residences is the staff! All of the staff, including housekeeping, kitchen, administration, and especially the PSW and nursing care staff have become like family. The attention to personal safety and well-being is highly apparent. During this uncertain time, I had full confidence in the goings on of Livita Retirement Residences.
    Peter N.
  • Bridge Street Retirement has everything one could want – location, a five minute walk to the market place, banks and the centre of downtown. You will find professional staff, second to none. I like living here and so would you.
    Madalyne R.

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