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We believe that the status quo just simply isn’t good enough. Every day our community proves that the old ways of senior living can be reimagined. We are committed to ensuring that not only our residents have a comfortable life, but a vibrant one.

About Us

Rydel Management Inc. manages multiple residential buildings in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and more recently under Livita Retirement Residences, we have become Ontario’s newest hub for vibrant seniors living – operating retirement communities in Barrie, Belleville, Oakville, Oshawa and Pickering Ontario. At Livita, we are dedicated to offering some of the best customer service possible for our existing and new residents. Central to this approach are three key mandates; “Resident First”, “Respect in the Workplace” and “Teamwork. These are core values that all of our team members at Livita Retirement Residences are committed to.

Putting our residents first is about making a difference in everything we do. Our residents and the families we serve are our families. It does not matter if a Livita team member works in housekeeping, dietary,enhanced care or maintenance, everything we do must be with the customer first approach. All of us connect with our residents and their families in various and caring ways.

Respect in the workplace fosters a climate we can all thrive in. Great things happen in an environment we all feel good about, we trust each other and we communicate with courtesy.

Teamwork inspires a focus on others. We can always learn and listen to do it better if we work together. This is how we are Living Livita!

Our People

Our Team Members share a passion for making extraordinary things happen every day!

Emily de Winter – General Manager
Livita Barrington, Barrie, ON
12+ years in the senior living industry. I am blessed to work where I get to meet interesting people every day. I can’t imagine doing anything else! I am a travel-aholic! I have backpacked, lived, studied and volunteered abroad. I want my children to see the world and culture that surrounds us!
Denise Jarrett – General Manager
Livita Bridge Street Retirement, Belleville, ON
20+ years at Bridge Street. I love my work because our residents have so much character and life experiences to share.Hailing from the Maritimes, I know good hospitality and the true appreciation of a foot thumping fiddle song!
Darlene Kerr – General Manager
Queens Avenue Retirement, Oakville, ON
21+ years at Queens Avenue. I love my work because one kind act a day, makes a difference in the lives of our residents. I love to read. When I start a book, watch out – I cannot put it down.
Christopher Jung – General Manager
Livita Parkway, Pickering, ON
14+ years experience in senior care, both in the Greater Toronto Area and Queensland, Australia. I am passionate about caring for others, and I strive every day to improve myself and create a warm environment to live and work for others. I love the outdoors – camping and hiking. I also play and enjoy watching a variety of sports.
Lori Morgan - General Manager
Livita Centennial Retirement Residence, Oshawa, Ontario
I am highly energetic and a passionate leader who believes in teamwork and respect of all. I truly believe we are all here for one common purpose and that’s our residents and families! I love baseball, so if you think you see me at an Ontario ballpark during the summer watching a minor league baseball game, stop by and say hello!

Livita Careers

Nurturing Our Community Together!

Our team members have the opportunity to dive head-first into the unique challenges that make up seniors living. With a heavy focus on collaboration and a ‘family first’ attitude, our staff are encouraged to collaborate with others to innovate and create solutions. Nurturing our community together is what makes a career at Livita so rewarding.

Through working with our residents, our team members are presented with the unique opportunity to learn and be inspired by their experiences

Overall, we put our people first. Livita is full of fun-loving, dedicated staff who are passionate about our community and their impact on it. If Livita sounds like the place for you, check out our Current Opportunities!

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Our Response to COVID-19

At Livita, the safety and health of our Community Members, their families and our Team Members is our top priority.

Given the current pandemic’s elevated risk to older adults, we are being as transparent as possible regarding our response to this evolving situation. Livita continues to monitor developments and recommendations around the pandemic through official federal and provincial sources, including Public Health, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Retirement Home Regulatory Authority (RHRA), the Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility, and the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA).

Below is a summary of the latest protocols we have enacted to help reduce the risk to our Community Members and Team Members:


COVID Protocols

Help Us All Stay Healthy and Well!

1. We are open for Tours and advertised Open Houses. Please contact us to book your tours. We look forward to welcoming you.
2. All visitors are required to sign in at arrival.
3. Support workers who are brought into the home to perform essential services for a resident into the home are permitted.
4. Our hairdresser and spa services where applicable are available and open.
5. Residents are permitted to leave the home for same day or overnight visits.
6. All Livita staff and visitors are required to wear masks at all times. This is for the protection of our residents. This is required regardless of whether the home is in outbreak or not.
7. Visitors are welcome, but If you are not feeling well, we ask that you stay home.
8. If you are not sure, ask for the test. We reserve the right to request a Rapid Covid 19 test.
9. We continue to encourage friends and family members to drop off items, gifts, snacks, food supplies for our residents.

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