Live Balanced-Live Better

    Guided by the philosophy that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle, Livita Centennial in Oshawa, Ontario, is dedicated to providing you or your loved ones with programs and services that promote vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

    What Makes Livita Centennial Different?

    Stroll through Livita Centennial’s beautifully landscaped grounds and garden or cross the street to explore the lush walkways of Centennial Park in Oshawa, Ontario. Livita Centennial has been newly decorated and boasts welcoming, bright spaces such as a charming lobby with grand piano and spacious wide hallways. Special features of Centennial include our temporary stay respite option and our companion suite option. Our amenities, including a fitness facility, movie theatre, and garden with gazebo, are designed for maximum accessibility. Additional support services, such as medication administration or help with activities of daily living, are readily available, ensuring a worry-free retirement lifestyle. We are not just a residence but a community that offers a positive environment where our residents can thrive.

    Leisure and Recreation

    Living Livita!

    There is always something happening at Livita Centennial in Oshawa, Ontario. Our on-site, modern amenities conduct plenty of popular programs, activities, and social events that keep our residents happy and engaged. Live a life of purpose by pursuing your hobbies and interests with like-minded people. Otherwise, enjoy a stress-free environment where you can sit back and relax.

    • Billiards
    • Conference room
    • Crafts
    • Chapel/place of worship
    • Day trips
    • Exercise/fitness facilities
    • Garden/outdoor space
    • Library
    • Piano
    • Social and recreational programs
    • TV room


    Delicious and Nutritious Daily Menus.

    Enjoy a perfect blend of comfort and elegance through Livita Centennial’s dining experience. We are famous for our homemade soups, featured daily with lunch. Our chef and the dietary team ensure meals cater to your tastes, preferences, and nutritional needs. We prepare everything from home-style favorites to specially-themed meals and wonderful desserts. Monthly Food Meetings allow for a relaxed public forum to review menu selections, provide suggestions, and review seasonal selections and upcoming special event menus. Always look forward to delightful and nourishing meals through our dining service:

    • À la carte menu
    • Central dining room
    • Diabetic diet
    • 24-hour bistro
    • Diversified menu

    On-Site Services

    Livita Centennial always gives priority to your comfort and well-being. Our Oshawa residence is equipped with facilities and services that fulfill your needs. We offer many in-room and on-site services that make you feel right at home.

    • Salon
    • Spa
    • Respite short term stay with furnished suites
    • In-house pharmacy
    • Visiting house doctor
    • Life Labs on-site once a week
    • 24 hour emergency call system
    • 24 hour response
    • Resident status checks twice daily
    • Newly renovated fitness center
    • Activities coordinator
    • Housekeeping
    • Complimentary laundry service
    • 24/7 Laundry facilities
    • Complimentary parking

    Enhanced Living

    As a crucial part of our Live Balanced, Live Better philosophy, our Enhanced Living Program is dedicated to promoting your mental and physical well-being. Livita Centennial in Oshawa, Ontario, offers a mix of packages from bundled to optional à la carte services. We aim to cater our programs to your specific needs and adapt to any changes. Flexibility and responsiveness are built into the program, along with our commitment to building a personal relationship with you. Creating a strong bond and sense of trust between our staff, yourself, and your loved ones are valuable in our community.

    Medical Services include:

    • 24-hour medical attention
    • Assistance with activities of daily living
    • Individual service plans
    • Medication supervision/administration
    • Pharmacy
    • Vitals monitored
    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Oral care
    • Catheter & wound care
    • Incontinence care
    • Nail & ear care
    • Mobility assistance
    • Foot-care, Diabetic foot-care
    • Palliative care
    • Meal tray room service
    • Enhanced cleaning packages
    • Shower help
    Large Studio
    Deluxe Studio
    Large Deluxe Studio
    One Bedroom


    Located in a central Oshawa neighborhood dotted with beautiful parks and green spaces, you can find Livita Centennial at Hillcroft Street and Ritson Road. We’re steps away from the bus stop, and Highway 401 and the GO Train are minutes away. Oshawa has a vibrant art and cultural scene and boasts the Oshawa Little Theatre, the Canadian Automotive Museum, the Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery, a farmers’ market, and many events and festivals that our residents enjoy immensely. The city also has an extensive waterfront trail and park system.

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    Get To Know Us

    Andreas Reder – General Manager

    Livita Centennial, Oshawa, Ontario

    Andreas' passion for quality customer service, strong knowledge of the retirement industry, and contagious sense of humor heighten everyone's experience at Livita Centennial.
    I believe in teamwork and respect for all.
    "One for all and all for our residents. We are all here for our residents, all of us - any time!"
    During my spare time, I love to spend time at the cottage and be on the water with my boat.

    I have never seen staff members as nice as Centennial's staff, they are very professional and knowledgeable about their jobs. Never far if you need a helping hand, they work very hard.

    The building is always in pristine condition and forever evolving with new furniture and paintings being added to keep the place attractive for us residents.

    Activities and programs keep us residents involved and engaged. There is always something new to play or learn. Plenty of volunteers and residents to hold meaningful conversation with to help you feel at home.
    Terry, Resident

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do older adults choose to live in retirement homes?

    Retirement communities are perfect for older adults who want to remain independent but also get the support that they need. What usually attracts them to transition to retirement living is the low-maintenance lifestyle, top-notch amenities, and plenty of socialization opportunities. It is a wonderful place to live a more purposeful life.

    Can you put your parents in a retirement home in Oshawa?

    Yes, a retirement community is perfect if your loved ones are considering downsizing. At Livita Centennial, older adults can take advantage of the many amenities and services we offer. Family and friends are always welcome to visit and participate in our social and recreational activities together with the entire community.

    Do people in retirement homes have opportunities to socialize?

    Definitely! At Livita Centennial, we take a comprehensive approach when creating activities and programs for our residents. This helps boost not just their physical but also their mental and social well-being. We conduct regular events at which active seniors can socialize, from crafting clubs to cocktail hours, movie nights, holiday parties, and more.

    Are retirement homes a good option for senior citizens?

    Yes, transitioning to retirement living can be one of the best decisions older adults can make. Retirement communities allow people to maintain their independence while getting the support they need when necessary. It is also a terrific way to stay active and pursue your interests in the company of like-minded people.

    Is it better to buy a house or choose a retirement home?

    There are pros and cons to both buying a house and choosing a retirement home. It depends on what you or your loved ones need, right now and in the future. It is important to do ample research and weigh your options not just for today, but for the years to come.

    How do I get a loved one a spot at your retirement home?

    When helping a loved one transition to retirement living, it is best to do your research to see if the retirement community is the right fit. Taking a tour of the residence is always a good idea. When you come in for a tour, we can show you all the amenities and fill you in on the various requirements needed to secure a suite in our residence.

    How do you know when it is the right time to choose a retirement home?

    Transitioning to retirement living is a big decision, one that should not be taken lightly. For older adults, it may be time to choose a retirement home when:

    1. You want a more low-maintenance lifestyle.
    2. You are looking for independence while getting the support you need.
    3. You want to be more active, social, and engaged.
    What is the average length of time someone stays in an Oshawa retirement home?

    The average length of time older adults live in retirement communities varies depending on age, support needs, and other factors. They usually stay a minimum of 18 months to 2 years, but often when they make it their home and build friendships and a community, they will be there for much longer than that. One of the top factors for leaving includes changes in support needs, or changes in care preferences.

    How do I find the best retirement home in Oshawa?

    When looking for the best retirement home in Oshawa, you or your loved ones need to do your research. Each residence offers a variety of amenities, programs, and services. It is best to determine which one offers most of what you need now and what you may need in the future. Contact Livita Centennial today to learn more.

    How much does a retirement home cost in Oshawa?

    The cost of retirement homes in Oshawa can vary, depending on the suite size, location, and amenities of the residence. The type of retirement community and level of care needed can also affect costs. Fees can include accommodation, meals, services, and other amenities. Get more information by booking a tour or giving us a call today.


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