Best Retirement Community  in Barrie, ON

Retirement is an exciting and important period of every older adult’s life. There are plenty of decisions to make, like how to spend your free time. You have to decide whether to stay in your current home or move into a Barrie retirement community.

Independent Living Communities Near Barrie

A lot of active seniors realize that moving into retirement communities in Barrie, Ontario is the best decision for them. Here are a few reasons to consider these types of communities:

Low Maintenance Living

A 55 plus community in Barrie is designed exactly for active seniors who want a low-maintenance lifestyle. It is the best way to remain independent while not having to do a lot of your home’s upkeep.

There are also plenty of attractive features in senior communities. This includes fitness classes, social activities, and healthcare services onsite which make doing your daily activities more convenient.


Opportunities for Social Interactions

Being socially engaged is important for a happier life as an active senior. Having those important connections allow you to live healthier and longer.

Finding 55 plus communities “near me” makes it easy to connect with like-minded people. It gives you plenty of opportunities to interact with others, especially when you join different events and activities.


A Safe Environment

Seniors retirement communities in Barrie have plenty of team members that keep the residence safe and secure. You can confidently walk around without the risk of running into any danger. Also, you are sure that your home is safe even when you are out for the weekend.


Transitions Become Easier in Senior Living Communities

There are plenty of retirement communities that offer both independent living and assisted living services in Barrie. Consider moving into an active retirement community that offers different services for your needs.

This way, you don’t have to move into another place should there be any changes in the level of care you need. You can stay in a place you are already comfortable in, surrounded by people you already know and trust.


An Affordable Living Option in Barrie

It may seem like independent senior living can take a toll on your finances. However, if you look into the many inclusions and amenities, you will realize that it is well worth the price you pay.

These Barrie communities have a monthly fee that covers most, if not all of your expenses. This includes accommodation, food, and other utilities. This means you don’t have to pay separate bills and property taxes. Also, you get so much more out of the many activities and amenities you can take advantage of.


Top-Notch Retirement Living “Near Me”

Previously owned by Chartwell, Livita Barrington delivers the same, if not a more superior level of service and support for our residents. We believe in a “Live Balanced, Live Better” philosophy. This is our driving force to ensure we provide exceptional services that ensure a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for our active seniors.

We are more than just a residence. Barrie Retirement Home is a senior living community where you can get the support that you need while enjoying plenty of activities that enrich your life.

When searching for the best retirement community “near me,” choose one that promotes not just your physical but also your mental well-being.

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Emily de Winter – General Manager

Livita Barrington, Barrie, Ontario

12+ years in the senior living industry. I am blessed to work where I get to meet interesting people every day. I can’t imagine doing anything else! I am a travel-aholic! I have backpacked, lived, studied and
volunteered abroad. I want my children to see the world and culture that surrounds us!

  • I really enjoy the activities here. I love to play scrabble, do crafts 
    and easy exercises. I love to go for walks everyday with my little 
    dog Maggie. Having Maggie with me has been very good for my 
    Janet S.
  • The staff are friendly, and my room feels like home.
    Mary Ann C.
  • I love my room, it is perfect! It faces the courtyard with all the flowers, 
    birds and sun.
    Ann G.
  • I feel like this is my home. The people are friendly, and the staff are very 
    lovely and helpful.
    Annetta M.
  • I would highly recommend Livita Retirement Residences As soon as you 
    enter Livita Retirement Residences, you will find yourself in a very 
    welcoming lobby. The recent renovations on the main floor, which include 
    a sitting area with a fireplace, as well as a bistro, are very inviting. The 
    apartments are spacious and well laid out. The best part of Livita 
    Retirement Residences is the staff! All of the staff, including housekeeping, kitchen, administration, and especially the PSW and nursing care staff have become like family. The attention to personal safety and well-being is highly apparent. During this uncertain time, I had full confidence in the goings on of Livita Retirement Residences.
    Peter N.
  • Bridge Street Retirement has everything one could want – location, a five minute walk to the market place, banks and the centre of downtown. You will find professional staff, second to none. I like living here and so would you.
    Madalyne R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "retirement community" mean?

A retirement community is more than just a group of homes or apartments intended for older adults. It is a community where active, independent seniors can stay active and thrive. These communities offer a range of amenities, programs, and services that enhance the mental, physical, and social well-being of their residents.

Which Canadian province is best for seniors?

Canada is one of the best places to retire. Ontario offers plenty of benefits for older adults who want to transition to retirement living. There is a good deal of retirement options in Ontario, along with community support services and associations that can help.

What province in Canada has the lowest cost of living?

In general, Saskatchewan is one of the most affordable provinces in Canada. However, when it comes to retirement living, Quebec offers a lower cost of living. Montreal and Quebec City are two of the top choices when it comes to more affordable cities to retire to in Canada.

What is the cost of a retirement community in Barrie?

The cost of living in a retirement community in Barrie varies depending on several factors. This includes the type of community you choose, and the accommodations, amenities, programs, and services offered. It is best to identify your specific needs and discuss them with the retirement community directly to get an exact quote.

Do you offer short-term stays?

Yes, Livita Barrington offers respite care for active seniors. This lets you or your loved one take advantage of our programs and services for a short period. It is perfect for older adults who want to get a taste of retirement living before deciding, at the same time giving respite to their caregivers.

Do your suites come furnished or unfurnished?

Suites for permanent residents come unfurnished. This is to give you every opportunity to personalize your space and make it home. With each suite, you are free to design your space according to your preference and needs. Suites for respite care residents, however, usually already come furnished for convenience.

Are pets allowed? Is there an additional fee?

Livita Retirement Residences is a pet-friendly retirement community! We understand how important pets are. They make great companions and help us with our overall well-being. We just ask that residents be mindful of other people's right to peaceful living. Residents are also expected to cover the associated costs of caring for their furry friends.

Can I continue to see my own doctor?

Residents at our facilities are provided with many medical care options, including the convenience of keeping their own physician or accessing a visiting doctor who will take on patients if someone is moving from a distance. In addition, we work closely with the local pharmacy and can help manage residents prescriptions.

Are retirement residences licensed?

Retirement residences should be licensed under the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority. This ensures that all retirement communities are regulated. There are also specific care and safety standards that need to be fulfilled. With licensed retirement communities, you can be confident that residents are safe and properly cared for.


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