Beauty at Home: Stunning Architecture in Oakville

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August 25, 2022
Lions Valley Park, Oakville, Ontario

Transitioning to senior living is one of the best decisions you can make. However, it can be challenging to choose where you want to spend your retirement.

Finding the right city and community can make a big difference. It has to have the right culture and environment to let you thrive. Choosing an Oakville retirement home that is surrounded by beautiful spaces can also help you make that decision.

Beautiful Architecture Around Our Retirement Community in Oakville

Oakville has a charming downtown where you can find a lot of interesting, historic architecture. It’s perfect if you want to be in a senior home surrounded by a lot of beautiful infrastructures.

This summer, go out of your Oakville retirement home and explore and see these buildings for yourself.

1. The Erchless Estate

This was home to the founding family of Oakville. Today, it is also known as the Oakville Museum. Here you can see various architectural styles dating from 1830 to 1898.

On the estate is a group of brick buildings that are connected to each other:

  • The Store –became the residence of Col. Chisholm, who is considered to be the founding father of Oakville. It is an 1835 two-storey, gabled brick structure that’s restrained in design. However, it was the town’s most significant building at that time.
  • The Customs House – an 1856 two-storey Neoclassical style house. It is one of the most common architectural styles used in the US. This building has a temple-like feel with small pediments above the roofline. Its superior design is finished with fine-pointed and margined stone detailing
  • The Big House – an 1858 residence following an Italianate style, a distinctly 19th-century phase of classical architecture. The solid, square house has a bracketed cornice and a “widow’s” walk – a railed rooftop platform.
  • The Lodge – an Arts and Crafts style architecture, which depicts a bungalow-style home. The exterior has an eclectic display with picturesque features. This includes irregular roof slopes, eyebrow dormers, and various wall surface treatments.

2. Heritage Conservation District

This is a group of 162 mostly single-family, one or two-storey homes built in the 19th century.

There are four Heritage Conservation Districts in Oakville:

  • Old Oakville Heritage Conservation District
  • First and Second Street Heritage Conservation District
  • Trafalgar Road Heritage Conservation District
  • Downtown Oakville Heritage Conservation District

Each district is represented by beautiful historic architecture. They have been preserved through the Ontario Heritage Act. These structures offer a wide range of architectural styles that span over 150 years.

Here, you’ll find 19th-century Georgian, neoclassical, Victorian homes, and 20th-century revival structures.

Your Retirement Community in Oakville

There is something about beautiful spaces that make you feel more comfortable. Livita Queens Avenue offers more than stunning surrounding structures. We offer premium amenities, programs, and services at our senior home. We design our spaces with the comfort and well-being of our residents in mind.

Get to know more about our residence before you transition to senior living! Contact us today or book a tour of our community.

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