What to Plant to Get Ready for the Summer

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May 5, 2022
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There is much to discern when it comes to choosing a retirement community. There are the various facilities, types of services, and the average cost of Ontario senior care.

These are all practical factors that are important to consider. However, you should include the community’s atmosphere and how they give residents opportunities to pursue their passions.

At Livita Retirement Residences, we want our active seniors to live vibrant lives. Actively participating in clubs and programs that give you joy is a step towards this goal.

Gardening: A Chance to Thrive in Senior Residences Near You

There are plenty of activities that interest our residents. However, there is one that continuously stands out among senior retirement homes: gardening! It comes as no surprise as this has plenty of benefits, especially to your physical and mental wellbeing.

And now is the perfect time to get into gardening. With summer fast approaching, now is the best time to think about your summer gardening plans.

If you’re thinking about what to plant to get ready for summer, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of what to plant to get ready for summer this year.


Flowers are one of our residents’ many favorites to plant. They make any garden more colorful and lively. However, many flowers may not be suitable for the harsh summer heat.

It’s important to choose those that are low-maintenance and require a lot of sunlight. Some options great for Ontario weather are:

  1. Marigold
  2. Black-Eyed Susan
  3. Lilies
  4. Carnations
  5. Gaillardia (blanket flower)


A hearty vegetable garden is always a plus for senior retirement homes. It’s not just fun growing your own vegetables. You can also look forward to enjoying different dishes from your summer harvest.

Here are our top vegetables to plant to get ready for summer:

  1. Tomatoes – they’re always a summer favorite, as it needs plenty of sunlight. Plant these as soon as your garden soil has properly warmed up.
  2. Cucumbers – they’re very easy to grow and are prolific producers. They’re best planted in rich soil under full sun. Water regularly for summer-long harvests.
  3. Squash – these grow well during the warmer months. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight and consistent deep watering. It’s also best to harvest them regularly for continued flowers and fruits.
  4. Eggplant – warm-weather crops that thrive in high temperatures. They are best harvested in mid-late summer. Keep eggplant roots moist and cool to avoid any issues.

Live a Life of Vitality in Senior Residences Near You

Pursue your hobbies and interests in a retirement community that supports your passions. Here at Livita Retirement Residences, we create programs that enrich our residents’ lives.

We are more than just a place for you to live in. We are dedicated to creating an environment where active seniors can have a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about our facilities, programs, and the average cost of Ontario senior care today. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or book a tour of our residence.

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