What Does an Activities Department Do at a Retirement Residence?

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March 25, 2021
Seniors having fun at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, Oakville

Physical and recreation activities are as important to older adults as it is everyone else. Studies have shown that leisure activities promote positive social relationships as well as better health. This is one of the reasons an Activities Department is essential in retirement homes in Oakville.

Activities Departments in Retirement Residences

When you think of an activities department, the first image that comes to mind is people who conduct activities in a senior living community. While that is true, there is more to what this department does.

1. Develop Enriching Activities

Let us start with their primary task. The activities department creates recreation and leisure programs in retirement homes in Oakville. They also make sure that these activities are safe, fun, and engaging for older adults. These can be programs ranging from physical wellness to social interactions.

2. Run Programs

Aside from creating fun and exciting activities, the activities department also implements them. They oversee how these programs are run. This includes:

  • Creating materials
  • Gathering supplies and resources to run the activities
  • Coordinating with staff and other departments regarding the needs of their residents.

3. Conduct Assessments

The activities department also evaluates its programs. This process is to make sure these activities entice the residents and enrich their lives. It can include verbal interviews and surveys aimed at looking into the needs of active seniors. Based on this assessment, activities and programs are developed to meet residents’ needs.

Exciting Activities in Retirement Residences

While there is a need to stay indoors to keep healthy and safe, there are plenty of activities that allow residents to maintain an active social life. This can include:

  • Fitness Classes like Tai Chi
  • Special Events such as movie and game nights
  • Interactive Entertainment, including Wii Bowling tournaments
  • Social and Activity Clubs like the Gardening and Knitting Club

A Joyful Experience at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence

Our residents' emotional and social welfare is essential to our person-centered care approach. This new chapter of life should be about new opportunities that allow you to pursue your passions.

If you or your loved one are looking for a senior living community, Queens Avenue Retirement Residence is the place for you! We offer robust leisure and recreation programs that everyone will love. Contact us to learn more or schedule a  tour today!

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