We Remember: Ways to Celebrate Remembrance Day Together

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February 22, 2024

Remembrance Day holds great significance in honouring the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty during times of war. It's a day to reflect, pay respects, and remember the heroes who have shaped our world. For seniors living in retirement homes in Belleville, celebrating Remembrance Day together can be a meaningful and poignant experience that fosters a sense of unity and gratitude within their communities.

How Seniors Can Celebrate in Their Retirement Home in Belleville

Celebrating Remembrance Day together in our Belleville retirement residences can be a touching and powerful experience that not only honours the sacrifices of the past but also strengthens the bonds among residents.

Organize a Ceremony

Depending on resources, one thing that can help seniors feel a little less alone is through organizing (or attending) a commemorative ceremony within your senior community. This can include raising a flag or observing a two-minute silence at 11 a.m. They can also take an active role in the ceremony, whether by reading poems or sharing personal stories.

Watch Documentaries and Films

Hosting a movie or documentary screening focusing on the day, or the history, can be a great way to educate and engage seniors while honouring the sacrifices of those who served. Doing so should be part of a larger conversation, to ensure everyone feels comfortable revisiting those scenes. Our retirement homes in Belleville have scheduled movie and TV nights, so it’s something to consider!

Donate to Veterans' Charities

Encourage residents to contribute to veterans' charities or organizations that support veterans' families. This act of generosity can instill a sense of purpose and fulfilment, knowing that they are helping those who have served their country.

Share a Meal Together

In general, food is the way to everyone's hearts. Sharing a meal can foster a sense of community among senior residents, allowing them to feel closer to one another. Consider hosting a special Remembrance Day lunch or dinner where residents living at their retirement home in Belleville can come together and share stories.

Create a Memorial Wall

Creating a wall adorned with photographs and mementos of loved ones can serve as a focal point for reflection and storytelling. This would allow residents to share their family's history and remember the good times with a smile.

Attend Local Events

Many communities host Remembrance Day events. If their community has one, attending and connecting to the wider community is a great way to get active and involved with others.

Craft Poppies and Wreaths

Poppies are a symbol of remembrance and crafting them together can be a therapeutic and creative way to mark the occasion. Not interested in creating a poppy? Consider a wreath! These can be laid out for memorials or for a shared meal.

Livita Retirement Residences: A Trusted Retirement Home Near You

As we gather to remember, we also emphasize the importance of peace, unity, and the legacy of those who have served their countries.

If you, or someone you know is seeking independent living in Belleville, Livita is a home that you can trust. We encourage all of our seniors to engage with others and do everything we can to help them make the most of their golden years.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, including respite care, contact us today.

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