Warming Winter Foods to Keep You Happy and Healthy

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December 6, 2021
Tasty Delicacies for Winters

The cold weather can make it harder to make healthy choices – especially with food. Studies have shown that the change in weather also affects our eating habits. It can have effects on hormone levels that control our appetite and mood. This makes us crave carbs and other comfort foods.

Senior Living Healthy Foods

We may crave comfort food during winter, but comfort doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. There are plenty of hearty meals packed with fantastic nutrients for active seniors.

With a bit of preparation, independent residents and residents utilizing assisted living services are sure to keep a balanced diet even in winter. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Choose frozen vegetables, whenever possible, instead of canned ones if a type of product is out of season. Frozen options contain less sodium.
  2. Stock up on basics, like canned tomatoes, that can be used in various soups and sauces.
  3. Get plenty of herbs and spices. These not only add a lot of flavor to many dishes; they also have a lot of health benefits.

Retirement Home Food Ideas for a Warm & Happy Winter

The cold winter season can take a toll on the well-being of senior living residents. To keep healthy and warm, here are different winter foods that are great to have in the coming months.

  1. Red meat – a good source of iron, which helps carry oxygen throughout the body. It is also rich in vitamin B12, great for healthy nerves, and builds a robust immune system.
  2. Butternut squash – rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Roasted or made into soups, it’s a healthy way to keep warm this winter.
  3. Sweet potato – this, and other root vegetables, require energy to be digested. This raises your body temperature, keeping you warmer. Sweet potatoes are greatly roasted, in a salad, as a side dish, and more.
  4. Oatmeal – the perfect warm breakfast during winter. Oatmeal is rich in fiber and other nutrients. Eat a bowl of warm oats topped with your favorite fruit and nuts.
  5. Ginger tea – while not quite a food item, ginger has components that can produce heat. It also has healing properties and can improve your blood flow and metabolism. Aside from its properties, drinking hot ginger tea is a great way to stay warm.
  6. Herbs and spices – plenty of options have significant nutritional value. Saffron, for instance, is rich in antioxidants and can improve digestion and immunity.

The Best Retirement Home in Ontario

No matter what kind of community you’re looking to join, it is vital to choose one that focuses on your health and wellness.

At Livita Retirement Residences, we know a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. Part of our top-notch programs and services is a superb dining experience.

We offer delicious and nutritionally balanced meals daily. Expect home-style cooking catered to your taste, preferences, and dietary needs.

Learn more about our independent community offering assisted living services by giving us a call today.

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