Spring Cleaning: More Than Just a Phrase

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April 10, 2022
A Senior Deep Cleaning her Home

There are plenty of traditions and practices that people participate in during the spring season. With warmer weather upon us in Ontario, there are a lot of outdoor activities, like easter egg hunts, visiting parks, and more.

All About Spring Cleaning in Senior Living Near You

Ever since we can remember, spring cleaning has been a part of our yearly routine. It’s a time to clear out the clutter, reorganize, and refresh your independent senior living space. However, have you ever wondered what started this yearly tradition?

The origin of spring cleaning is founded on old traditions from thousands of years ago. Let’s look at a few theories on how this practice came about.

1. History of Housecleaning

During an exhibit on the history of housecleaning, they showed a diary entry from a housewife in 1864. It described housekeeping rituals, showing what they practiced in spring.

At that time, homes were lit with whale oil or kerosene. During winter, this would usually leave a layer of soot and grime everywhere. To get the soot out properly, you needed to open the windows – something that could only be done when the weather was warmer.

2. Cultural Traditions

Several festivals and traditions of various cultures can also explain the existence of spring cleaning. In Iran, they celebrate the Persian New Year on the 1st day of spring. Part of the celebration is the practice of “shaking the house” where they must clean everything to leave the old year behind.

3. Religious Practices

Spring cleaning can also be traced down from some religious practices. During Passover in March or April, households do a general cleaning to rid their homes of any yeast bread or chametz.

Christians also traditionally clean up the church altar the day before Good Friday in preparation for Easter morning. Followers of the Greek Orthodox faith also clean their homes for a week leading up to Lent.

4. Biology

The cold winter months can make anyone feel lethargic. This is because, with less sunlight, our brains produce more melatonin. This makes us generally sleepier and less energetic. As a result, it’s common that we spend more time resting instead of doing a lot of house cleaning.

The change in season also brings a change in our energy. With sunnier days, we become more active and motivated to do housework, and refresh and clear out our space. The decrease in melatonin production gives us the boost to clear up any mess that piled up during the winter season.

Independent Senior Living Spring Cleaning Plans

With spring already here in Ontario, it’s time to get into the spring cleaning spirit!

We are a senior independent living community that offers a range of programs and services for active seniors. We also have housekeeping and laundry services to help with your spring cleaning plans this year.

Looking for the right senior living near you? Contact our friendly team at Livita Retirement Residences today to learn more about our communities!

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