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March 26, 2024
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Are you or your loved one looking to move into a retirement home in Pickering this year? There is a lot to think about, as this is a significant decision in your life.

Picking the right residence requires a lot of research and consideration. You have to look into the type of community you need, the cost of a retirement home, and the amenities and services they offer.

Some older adults also think about moving to another city when they retire. As such, it is also important to know the city you will be living in.

Retirement Community in Pickering: Exploring Your City

Learning more about its environment is crucial when looking for the right independent or assisted living residence. One of the best ways to get to know a city is to go out and explore it. Pickering, for instance, has a strong community feel. Getting around is easy enough, with accessible key places.

There are many sites you can visit that will tell you a lot about what Pickering is all about. For starters, here are three historical sites that offer great opportunities to learn about the city.

1. Former Pickering Town Hall

This is one of the oldest buildings in the area and a Recognized Federal Heritage Building. It shows how rural settlements emerged in Canada at the start of urbanization.

It was an important meeting place where essential gatherings took place. It remains a community landmark to this day.

2. Pickering Museum Village

The Pickering Museum Village is the largest living history site in the Durham Region. It’s a pioneer village that depicts Pickering’s development from 1810 to 1910.

Here, you will find 19 heritage buildings. These include a general store, chapel, homes, orchards, and more. You are free to explore the village on your own or with the help of costumed guides.

3. Thistle Ha' Farm National Historic Site of Canada

Thistle Ha’ is a still-functioning, 80-hectare farm with a farmstead. It was the property of John Miller, who settled in Pickering in the year 1839. Miller became a pioneer importer and breeder of pedigreed livestock in Canada and the United States.

The Millers’ work has improved stock breeding and Canada’s agriculture. For this reason, the Thistle Ha’ Farm was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada in 1973.

Visiting these sites can give you a wealth of knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the city. You will then realize that choosing a retirement home in Pickering is a wise decision.

The Right Retirement Community in Pickering

Whether you are looking for independent or assisted living, Livita Parkway is your top choice in Pickering. We are a retirement residence that promotes a life of vitality for our active seniors!

We always strive to support our residents’ passions and interests with a strong sense of community. We offer a range of programs and services that keep our residents active and engaged.

Want to learn more about our amenities, programs, and the cost of our retirement home? Give us a call today! Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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