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August 17, 2022
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Are you or your loved one looking for retirement homes in Oshawa? According to Maclean’s magazine, Oshawa is one of the best communities in Canada to retire in. There is a lot the city has to offer for active seniors, including:

  • Senior centres
  • World-class healthcare
  • A safe community
  • Trails, parks, and plenty of green spaces

Beautiful Architecture Around Our Retirement Community in Oshawa

Another feature that makes the city the best place is the many interesting structures and buildings it has to offer. If you’re searching for retirement homes near you, there isn’t a shortage of places to go to and discover in Oshawa.

Here are some of them:

  1. Tyrone Mills

This building is a traditional water-powered mill that was built in 1846. Over the last 170 years, Tyrone Mills has served Oshawa as a grist mill, flour mill, lumber mill, and more.

Its interior and exterior structures have had little to no changes throughout the years. For instance, it has had the same wood paneling on its exterior walls since being built.

  1. Oshawa Museum

The Oshawa Museum is in the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation. The museum complex has three main houses, all displaying wonderful architecture.

  • Henry House

This house was built in 1840 by Thomas Henry and his sons. It was originally designed and built in the 19th-century regency cottage style.

The exterior walls are made using quarried blocks of limestone that came from Kingston. It has rooms that branch off from the large central foyer.

  • Guy House

This house is situated overlooking Oshawa’s Lakefront. The date of construction and who built Guy House is undetermined. It is said to have been built in the mid-1800s.

Its exterior has been very well preserved. The Guy House is an example of architecture typical to early agricultural settlements in Upper Canada or Canada West. The materials used were more likely any material easily sourced within the area.

  • Robinson House

This house was built in the 1850s. It has a barn-like silhouette, typical of Dutch colonial architecture. At that time, it seemed a bit out of place, as the style was more prominent in the New York State area.

Admiring Oshawa at Retirement Homes Near You

Deciding to move into retirement homes in Oshawa is a big step. Make it a positive experience by choosing the right community for you or your loved one.

Here at Livita Centennial, we believe that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. We have top-notch amenities, programs, and services that match what the city has to offer.

To know more about our retirement community in Oshawa give us a call. Or book a tour of our residence today.

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