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August 29, 2022
Old red building in stratford in Ontario, Canada

We’re almost at the tail-end of summer. Have you or your loved ones been enjoying the warm weather outdoors? Residents of our retirement home in Belleville have been busy with many activities this summer season.

There’s a lot to do during the summer here in Belleville. Active seniors in retirement homes near you can try new restaurants, visit different parks, learn from visiting museums, and more.

Another activity that may be interesting is learning about the different architecture in the city.

Beautiful Architecture Around Retirement Communities in Belleville

Belleville is a good mix of rural and urban living. This can be seen through the various architecture that can be found in the city. One of the best things to do is discover various historical buildings to understand how far the city has progressed.

Find the time this summer to visit these sites around our retirement home in Belleville:

1. The Armoury

This building was constructed through a program that focused on the reform and expansion of the Canadian militia. Built in 1907, the Armoury can be found facing a major commercial street at the heart of historic Belleville.

It is designed to depict a typical T.W. Fuller’s standard armoury design. It looks like a medieval fortress, with solid brick construction, stone detailing, and three-storey towers by the entrance.

The building displays great craftsmanship, with its rich detailing and rough-cut stone detailing.

2. Government of Canada Building

This large, modern structure was built in 1956. It was a large-scale project that required the demolition of several existing buildings in the area.

It comprises geometric shapes that make up various sections of the building. There’s a lack of ornamentation and a strong horizontal emphasis. The building is a good way to represent post-war modern design sensibilities and international style.

3. Glanmore / Phillips-Faulkner House

Built in 1882, this former residence is now a National Historic Site. It was designed in the Second Empire architectural style. This style was very popular among the upper-middle class in late 19th-century Canada.

On its exterior, you will find elements of the Second Empire style. This includes the single-sloped mansard roof, cornices, and rich sculptural detailing on its façade.

4. Belleville Railway Station

This is a one-and-a-half-storey stone railway station that was built in the mid-19th century. It was designed as a variation of the standard Grand Trunk Railway design.

Originally, it was a one-storey Italianate-style building. It was then altered in the late 19thcentury, incorporating the Second Empire architectural style with the addition of a mansard roof.

Retirement Communities in Belleville

Are the arts and architecture something you or your loved one is passionate about? Here at Livita Bridge Street, we always create opportunities for active seniors to pursue their passions and interests.

We believe in the philosophy that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. We offer high-quality amenities, enriching programs, and respite care. Our team makes sure that residents are always physically and mentally healthy.

If you’re looking for a retirement home near you, look no further! Contact us today to learn more about our community.

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