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December 23, 2019
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It’s very common to want to stay in our own homes as we age, for as long as we can. This may be how you or your loved one feel, but it’s not always the best option. At some point, it will be time to talk about senior home care in Oakville or assisted living in Oakville, and help everyone involved understand that these options really can feel like a beloved home.

There is plenty of research that indicates how much seniors can thrive in an assisted living environment. Think of what it would feel like to lose the responsibility of maintaining a home or needing to shop and prepare food, while gaining the added benefit of having security and medical help or other assistance close by. Seniors living in assisted living residences have time to focus on making new friends and engage in activities. But how do you convince someone you love that it could be time to think about moving to a retirement residence that offers assisted living in Oakville?

How To Make A Case For Assisted Living

You may have had conversations before about senior home care in Oakville or when your loved one may feel like they can no longer care for their home. But talking about it and taking action are two very different things.

To start, research assisted living in Oakville and offer to set up some tours. If he or she is willing, great! But don’t push it. Unless you consider your loved one’s need for placement in assisted living urgent, don’t force the issue. Do your best to help them feel like they are in control of their life and the decision. With time, it is possible to have your loved one excited about moving into their new assisted living home.

Here are some tips to help your loved one get more comfortable with the thought of moving to an assisted living community:

  • Take your loved one to residences that you think might be a good fit to enjoy a meal or participate in an activity, such as playing cards or a fitness class. Highlight the social aspects and ask for their input. Do they want a space that feels modern or do they prefer cozier surroundings – they may be most interested in matching the energy of the facility to what they have in their current home.
  • Make sure to communicate how much privacy residents can have. Share details about how they can bring things from home, including furniture, and how spacious the suites are. Help them recognize that they are moving into a new apartment which happens to come with excellent amenities.
  • Find time for discussion about the fact that assisted living in Oakville allows seniors to forgo daily chores and hassles so that they can focus on things they actually want to do. In addition, there is plenty of flexibility so that they can customize their living experience in a way that works for them, helping them to feel right at home.
  • Encourage loved ones to consult and talk with family friends, their doctor, and other family members that they trust. Third parties often make headway when the primary family member cannot.

Is It Time To Make The Move To Assisted Living In Oakville?

Making this decision is a significant change and you must be aware of everyone’s feelings, including your own. Queens Avenue Retirement Residence understands how important this decision is and are dedicated to offering a lifestyle that resonates with seniors and creates a strong sense of community. We offer a variety of top-quality suites that will really help your loved one feel comfortable and safe in their new home. To find out more about our facility or to arrange a tour, please contact us.

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