Warning Signs That Your Parents Need Senior Home Care

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September 20, 2019
Warning Signs That Your Parents Need Senior Home Care

After being independent for so long, parents can struggle and have a hard time admitting when they need help. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the lines of communication and come up with solutions together. So how do you know if a long-term care home in Oakville is the right solution? Here are just a few warnings signs to pay attention for to know if your parents really could use the extra help:


  • Do your parents often forget to take their medication or can’t remember the current dosage? Do medical appointments seem to slip their mind? Have you noticed a build-up of their mail, with bills going unpaid or paid late?
  • These are all warning signs that it’s time to get your parents some help and discuss the idea of moving into a assisted living home as a possible solution.
  • A medical assessment should also be considered in order to determine if any underlying medical issues (such as dementia) are at play. Knowing this information will be key to determining the right care needed for your parents and what your options are.

Difficulty Getting Around

  • Observe your parents and the status of their home over a bit of time. Do your parents seem to struggle when getting up out of a chair? Is moving around difficult for them? Is there a pile of laundry building up? Does their house seem unkempt?
  • There are all signs that there could be some underlying issues to address, such as muscle, knee or joint pain, and that your parents really need your help.
  • Additionally, this could also be a sign that maintaining the home is becoming too much for your parents to handle and senior home care in Oakville would be a better option for your parents.

Weight Loss & Change of Appetite

  • This might be a more difficult sign to spot until it becomes more extreme. Have you noticed your parents looking ‘thinner’ more recently? Are they no longer cooking foods, eating unhealthy dishes, or forgetting to eat altogether?
  • These signs all point to the fact that your parents need some extra help in their lives, and the sooner the better if it becomes more extreme.
  • Assisted living homes are especially adamant and observant in ensuring the seniors in their care are eating high-quality, nutritious meals on a daily basis and monitoring their health and weight regularly. Therefore, this might be a good solution for your parents to consider.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence: Quality Assisted Living Home Helping Seniors Live Better, More Fulfilled Lives

Is a long-term care home in Oakville the best option for your parents? Keep their needs at the forefront by considering Queens Avenue Retirement Residence for their new home today. We are passionate about helping seniors live better, more fulfilled lives and their safety and care is our priority. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our balanced-focus approach to senior living.

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