Top 9 Things to Do When You Retire

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August 30, 2022
Things to Do When You Retire

There is joy in having more time to pursue your passions and interests. Having more time means finding meaningful ways to spend it. This is one of the reasons retirement homes in Oakville are an attractive option for many active seniors.

Planning on retiring soon? Here are the top 9 things you can do when you move into Oakville retirement homes.

Discover your city

One of the best ways to approach this is to start simple.

If you feel you want to go on an adventure, start locally. There are sure to be a lot of interesting places to discover around your Oakville senior residence.

Learn something new

Whether you want to learn how to knit, sing, play golf, or anything at all, retirement is a great time to do it. With the daily grind behind you, you have more time to pursue activities that enrich your life.

Volunteer outside your retirement residence

Your skills and your time can mean the world to people in need. There is so much volunteer work available. Help out at a local food bank or soup kitchen, build houses with Habitat for Humanity, or volunteer at your community center.

Check the internet for volunteer opportunities near Oakville seniors’ residences.

Spend time with your family

Having a regular day job may have taken time away from your spending time with your family. Retirement is the best time to make up for it! Enjoy the company of your kids and grandkids.

Take care of your health

It’s no surprise that our health changes as we get older. Take retirement as an opportunity to focus on your health and fitness. Oakville retirement homes, for instance, offer fitness classes and well-balanced meals, perfect for your health goals.


Enjoy the fruit of your hard-earned labour during retirement. Discover new places, learn new cultures, and widen your horizons. It’s the best time to visit the places you’ve been dreaming of.

Start a small business

You may have picked up a hobby or skill that you love doing. Why not turn this into a small business? It’s a great way to become more productive and connect with other people outside of your retirement residence.

Enjoy some me-time

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to spend time with yourself. There’s no need to ask permission and no work that can distract you from having some quality me-time.

Create new friendships within your retirement home

Keeping social is essential when we get older. Moving into retirement residences is a great way to meet new people and develop new friendships.

Here at Livita Queens Avenue, we have a community that feels like family. Our various programs and services offered are sure to help strengthen the sense of community within our residents.

Thinking about a retirement home in Oakville? Contact us today to learn more about our community!

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