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August 28, 2019
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When you hear the word “retirement,” what do you think of? The definition of the word can vary from person to person.

Some people think of retirement as an opportunity to travel more, some view it as a way to spend more time doing the hobbies they love, and some view it as the time of their life where they embrace a new experience, and simplifying home ownership like moving into a retirement home.

The landscape of retirement has rapidly changed over time though, and it’s important to keep certain factors in mind as you plan for retirement:

Life Expectancy

  • Did you know that the concept surrounding this idea of “retirement” has only been in existence for around the past 120 years?
  • The reason for this is because 120 years ago, life expectancy was around 48 years. This meant that you would have died before even getting the chance to “retire.”
  • Speed up the clock to only 35 years ago and with advancements in healthcare and lifestyle changes, 72 years of age became the new life expectancy. We retired because we became tired at 65 and wanted to enjoy our final years.
  • Today, the 65-year-old is still thought of as still a young demographic and more active than ever due to an even higher life expectancy of living another 10 to 25 years more.

Working After Retirement

  • Early retirement and longer life expectancy are making retirement one of the longest phases in our life and we need to ensure we have enough money to last over a longer period while keeping busy and engaged day today.
  • This encourages a lot of seniors to work beyond the age of 65, or go back to work again once they retire, in order to have more money in the bank.
  • Others go back to work for other reasons such as having the structure in a day, to be around people, to accomplish things and for a reason to get up in the morning.

Assisted living facilities

Independent Living

  • With seniors living longer and more active lives, it makes sense that they would want to live and “retire” somewhere that offers the best senior living, such as an assisted living facilities or retirement condo communities.
  • Top retirement homes like Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, include both “independent living” and assisted living facilities as a part of the lifestyle in senior community living.
  • When considering senior community living, it’s important to find the best retirement condo community or retirement home that will allow you as much independence and freedom you need in order to provide you with the best senior living situation during your retirement.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence: Retirement Condo Community For Senior Living In Oakville

Are you ready to move forward into your new retirement lifestyle by finding the best senior living in Oakville? Then look no further than Queens Avenue Retirement Residence. As a retirement home, we are passionate about providing a balanced, independent retirement lifestyle for seniors in Oakville. Contact us today to learn more!

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