The Best Driving Spots Near Oshawa

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July 12, 2022
Gray Road Between Trees

The bright, sunny skies are always a great time to be out and about. It is no surprise that Oshawa retirement home residents are finding more ways to spend time outdoors.

One of the things a lot of older adults love to do is go on a scenic drive. Whether a driver or passenger, there is a lot of joy in discovering beauty all around us.

Summer Drives for Retirement Communities in Oshawa

Driving around and exploring new places is a great way to stay active and engaged. Seeing beautiful scenery boosts our mood and keeps us calm and relaxed. For this reason, we encourage active seniors to venture out and about.

This is also the best season to go out for a drive. We’re lucky enough to be in a place surrounded by a lot of beautiful places. Planning on finding some scenic routes around Oshawa? Here are two of our top picks.

1. Lake Ridge Road

Do you love driving in wide, open spaces? Lake Ridge Road going to Uxbridge is one of the best routes near Oshawa. The open roads are surrounded by vast lands. It’s a sight to see especially during summertime. You get to enjoy all the greenery while passing through.

Stop by and explore Uxbridge while you’re there. Dubbed “The Trail Capital of Canada” there are plenty of parks and trails you can try and visit.

2. Millbrook to Port Hope

If you happen to be in the Millbrook area, the drive going down to Port Hope is fantastic. It’s a long stretch of road surrounded by lots of green spaces. You’ll drive by beautiful trees and farmlands. Even catch an alpaca or five as you go past one of the farms on the right.

The route takes you to the beautiful town of Port Hope. Visit the historic downtown of Port Hope for some unique finds before heading home.

Practice Safe Driving

To practice driver safety, here are some reminders for our Oshawa retirement home residents.

1. Stay active to remain mobile, flexible, and strong.

2. Go through regular vision and hearing check-ups.

3. Be mindful of the medications you’re taking before getting behind the wheel.

4. Always choose your routes carefully.

5. Limit any distractions while driving.

Moving Into a Retirement Community in Oshawa?

Are you or your loved one transitioning to retirement living this summer? Don’t miss Livita Centennial on your list of retirement homes in Oshawa.

We believe in the philosophy that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. This is why we have a holistic approach in the way we provide programs bitcoin mixer and services for our residents. We aim to be more than just a place to live. We want to be a community where active seniors can thrive.

Get to know more about our community today! Contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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