The Best Driving Spots Near Belleville

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July 8, 2022
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Are you or your loved ones looking for a retirement community near you? Transitioning to retirement living is a big deal. There is a lot to consider, from amenities, programs, and services. Not only that, but location can also be a big part of that decision.

Belleville, for instance, is one of the top retirement destinations in Canada. It is a beautiful community that offers a lot of parks and scenic waterways. It’s an ideal place for someone who loves being outdoors and staying active.

Picturesque Places Around Senior Homes in Belleville

If you’re someone who loves to drive around, Belleville is a great location for you. Around our Belleville retirement home are plenty of scenic drives that are sure to keep you excited.

Here are some of the wonderful spots you can visit around the city.

1. Prince Edward County

One of the most idyllic places near Belleville is Prince Edward County. This area boasts 310 miles of shorelines and amazing white sand beaches. It has picturesque country roads, and routes marked with various farms and vineyards.

The journey to Prince Edward County is also not to be missed. From our Belleville retirement home, you first drive through the stretch of Belleville Bay Bridge. This gives you wonderful views

of the water. On the way to Picton, the main hub of Prince Edward County, you’ll pass by scenic farmlands and tree-lined routes.

Roam around the district and drive through the quaint historic towns and villages of the region.

2. Loyalist Parkway to Kingston

If you want to venture further from Prince Edward County, you can drive down the scenic Loyalist Parkway. From Picton, the Glenora Ferry brings you across the lake.

From here, drive through the Loyalist Parkway going to Kingston. This gives you the best views of Lake Ontario on your right. You’ll also pass by many idyllic shops, boutiques, and restaurants. The whole drive is sure to be a fun and relaxing day trip.

3. Bay of Quinte

Instead of heading to Loyalist Parkway, you can also visit the Bay of Quinte from Prince Edward County. From Highway 62, head over to Prince Edward County Rd 14 to North Big Island Rd.

Driving along North Big Island Rd will give you the most picturesque views of the Bay of Quinte. Go further down and you’ll find yourself with the Bay of Quinte on your right, and wonderful farmlands on your left. Turning to Allison Rd will bring you back to the city centre.

Choosing The Right Retirement Community Near You

When choosing a retirement community, it’s important to find one that’s more than just a place to live. Choose a community that lets you live a vibrant life.

Here at Livita Bridge Street, we believe in the philosophy that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. We make sure that residents of our senior home in Belleville are fulfilled both physically and mentally. We do this through the different programs and services we offer.

Get to know more about how you can thrive in our community! Contact us or book a tour of our residence today

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