The Best Driving Spots Near Barrie

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July 4, 2022
Best Roads for Driving in Barrie

The residents of Retirement homes in Barrie always look forward to the summer season. There are a lot of activities happening, letting our active seniors spend plenty of time outdoors.

One of the things older adults of our senior homes in Barrie like doing is going on a drive. Summer is the best time to do this. The sunny skies and warm weather are perfect for spending a day out and about.

Top Driving Spots Around Retirement Residences Near You

Every summer, we make sure to provide our residents with outdoor activities. It’s a great way to take advantage of the benefits of spending time outdoors.

A great way for independent seniors to stay active outside is by going on a drive. Whether they drive themselves, or we go out on a day trip with family or friends, it’s always a fun time.

If you’re looking for a fun nearby driving route, here are our suggestions around Barrie:

1. Ridge Road

From Livita Barrington, the drive will take you through Lakeshore Dr. It’s a few km stretch with the railway on one side and a beautiful view of Lake Simcoe on the other.

This also passes through different parks on the shoreline of Lake Simcoe, like Centennial Park and Heritage Park. As you drive along, you’ll see roads surrounded by trees in the summer. Imagine what it’s like driving along this route in the fall!

2. Wasaga Beach

Fancy a beach trip with your family or friends at your senior home in Barrie? The drive to Wasaga Beach is lovely and easy. The route is full of farmland and tree-lined roads. Make a pit stop in one of the local farmers’ markets along the road for some fresh local produce.

Visit Wasaga Beach in May and June and catch Wasaga’Licious!

3. Sunnidale Road to Historic Fort Willow

This route will start from our retirement home in Barrie to beautiful Lakeshore Dr going to Sunnidale Road. Here you’ll get a view of Sunnidale Park on the right side. You’ll also be treated to plenty of lush gardens and winding paths through parklands and forests.

Upon reaching Barrie Hill Road, you’ll see the wonderful countryside and farmlands. Do a quick pitstop in one of the “pick-your-own” markets for some fresh berries and other produce. Then, head on over to Historic Fort Willow Depo, passing through Seadon Rd, George Johnston Rd, and the Portage Trail.

It’s a nice way to spend an afternoon, exploring the historic grounds.

Fun Summers at Retirement Residences Near You

With only a few months of summer, it’s important for us to take advantage of each day. Here at Livita Barrington, we create summer memories through various programs and activities.

It’s important for us that residents have the opportunity to pursue their hobbies and interests. Whether it’s fitness, volunteering, or going on road trips, we’re here to support them!

Get to know more about our community. Contact us to learn more about our amenities, programs, and services.

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