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January 25, 2021
Pop Corn at Oakville Retirement Home

A positive atmosphere is an essential part of Oakville's assisted living services and retirement residences. It is our goal to keep residents happy and entertained. This is why our calendars are full of fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

The current situation in Oakville, ON, can make it hard for a retirement home in Oakville to keep its residents' engaged. However, this doesn't stop us from holding events that allow our residents to socialize while being safe and distanced. One such event is our weekly movie nights.

Watching Movies in Retirement Residences

Even though it might seem like an everyday activity, there are quite a few benefits to movie nights, especially in senior residences in Oakville.

  1. Watching movies is said to improve memory. Movies can stimulate the mind and evoke strong emotions. Through watching a great film, we are reminded of certain feelings. These feelings can prompt a specific memory from our lives.
  • Films are also a great way to spur conversations among residents. There is a social and emotional benefit to having just shared an experience through film. Commenting on the characters and events provides a great way to have fun as a group. Discussing plot points can create meaningful conversations.
  • Sitting, relaxing, and watching movies is an excellent way to unwind. It is a way to be transported for an hour or two. It can create laughter, happiness and community among the residents, while keeping them entertained.

Movie Nights at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence

Part of our Oakville retirement living experience is making sure our residents can relax and have fun. As part of our person-centered approach to care, our Activities Coordinator is always hard at work to keep our activities calendar full of beloved standards as well as fresh new events.

Part of these activities is our weekend movie nights. We ensure there are a variety of classic and contemporary movies that our residents can relate to and enjoy. Titles ranging from To Kill a Mockingbird to The Holiday keep it fun and stimulating.

Aside from the usual movies, we also do series marathons! Our residents enjoy classics such as I Love Lucy, Little House on the Prairie, and The Crown. Our selection also includes:

  • Ted Talks about gardening, travel, and other personal interests
  • Documentaries about animals and wildlife

Saturday night or mid-week features allow our residents to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. It is an excellent way for them to have fun.

Fun and Entertainment: Senior Residences in Oakville

Our person-centered approach at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence provides a fun and positive environment for our active and assisted living residents. If this is what you and your loved one are looking for in a retirement residence in Oakville, ON, contact us today! Speak to one of our talented team members about a virtual tour or our various leisure and recreational activities.

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