Summer Foods Worth Waiting For

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June 1, 2022
Summer Fruits Table and Champaign

There is so much that the summer season can bring older adults in Ontario retirement homes. The sunny skies and warm weather are perfect for enjoying plenty of outdoor activities. It’s a season for gardening, going on nice morning walks, outdoor excursions, and more.

Aside from the pleasant weather, seniors’ residences near you also look forward to seasonal summer foods.

Fresh, Vibrant Summer Foods in Retirement Communities

There are a lot of benefits to eating food that’s in season. Seasonal eating means you’re getting the freshest food filled with the most nutrients. These are the types of food that have not been processed and preserved for longevity.

Whenever you get the chance, it’s also better to source your food from local farmers. You get produce that’s fresh and hasn’t been transported from far distances.

This summer, visit local farmers’ markets around Ontario retirement homes. This will let you take advantage of many seasonal favorites. Here are some summer foods to look forward to.

1. Barbeque

Summer doesn’t seem to feel like summer without firing up the grill. The warm, sunny weather is perfect for grilling your favourite burgers, hotdogs, and steaks.

For a healthier fare, we love turkey burgers and barbecue chicken. We pair these with a nice salad, baked beans, and some sweet corn.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables

The summer season is all about getting the freshest fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, for instance, are the best during this season. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some grilled cheese dipped in homemade tomato soup!

Watermelon is also a popular summer fare. It is refreshing and packed full of nutrients for active seniors. Aside from eating them as is, watermelon is great for salads, slushies, juices, and more.

3. Ice-cold drinks

Keeping hydrated is very important for active seniors in retirement communities. The summer season is the best time to enjoy a glass of iced tea. It is a refreshing way to stay cool on a hot summer day. Plus, tea has plenty of benefits for active seniors.

4. Frozen treats

Sweet treats during the summer shouldn’t be missed. With plenty of fresh fruits around, it’s the best time to get some treats that can cool you off. Some wonderful options include:

  • Fruit sorbets (watermelon or peach sound great!)
  • Cream popsicles
  • Frozen yogurt bites
  • Ice cream

Looking for some summer food ideas that are easy to make and enjoy? For breakfast, enjoy a bowl of warm oatmeal with fresh berries. A nice salad with summer squash, corn, and tomatoes sounds like a delicious lunch. Take your imagination to the next level with the many food items summer has to offer!

Summer Fare at Senior Residences Near You

There is so much to get excited about this summer season. Our culinary team is excited to whip up some fresh summer fare for our residents!

Here at Livita Retirement Residences, we offer a superb dining experience. Always look forward to delicious, well-balanced meals made with fresh, local ingredients.

Want to learn more about the top-notch dining services here at our retirement community? Contact us today and discover what we have to offer.

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