Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands!

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March 19, 2020
Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands!

Queens Avenue Retirement residence has an enviable record of 5+ years of no outbreak!  Hand hygiene is a big part of that record, and below is information on why, when and how to wash your hands for infection control.

Hand hygiene, a very simple action, remains the primary means to reduce Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), and the spread of antimicrobial resistant organisms. Global research indicates that improvements in hand hygiene activities could potentially reduce HAI rates by up to 50%.  80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touch.

When it comes to hands, fingernails and the surrounding areas harbor the most microorganisms.

According to experts, the single most important thing you can do to prevent getting the flu is to wash your hands.

When to Wash Your Hands

You should wash your hands properly and often, especially:

  • after you cough, sneeze or blow your nose
  • before, during and after preparing food
  • after going to the toilet or changing a nappy
  • when your hands are visibly dirty
  • after smoking
  • after handling or patting animals
  • before and after taking care of someone who is sick
  • when you enter and leave a healthcare facility.


  • Wet your hands and apply the soap.
  • Rub the soap all over your hands. Pay attention to the backs of your hands and fingers, fingernails, fingertips, and the webbing between fingers. How to wash your hands
  • Rinse your hands under running water
  • Pat hands dry with a towel or paper towel.

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