Spring Festivals Near You in Belleville

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April 27, 2022
Spring Festivals in Belleville

There are so many things to love about spring in Belleville, ON. With about 500 acres of parkland, it’s a great place to enjoy a lot of spring blooms and greenery. Residents of assisted living in Belleville are sure to be lured outdoors this season.

Belleville is not just about parks and green spaces. There are also various events and activities to look forward to this spring.

Spring Events Around Our Retirement Home in Belleville

Are you or your loved one thinking of transitioning to senior living this year? There is a lot to consider, from facilities to services, and retirement home pricing. However, it is important to choose a community that is more than just a place for you to live. There is so much value in finding one that gives you opportunities to lead a vibrant life.

Here at Livita Bridge Street, we always have programs and activities that enrich the lives of our residents. We want our active seniors to not just have fun, but also have plenty of learning experiences.

During springtime, we try as much as possible to take part in various events in and around the city. For example, we look forward to visiting different festivals around Belleville, ON.

Here are some of them:

1. Kiwanis Walleye World Fishing Derby

This is the largest amateur Walleye and Pike tournament in Ontario. Every spring, people from all over gather to compete in a fishing derby on the Bay of Quinte.

Loads of amazing prizes await the participants while also raising money for the community.

2. COUNTY POP Community Music Festival

Any music and art enthusiast is sure to have a grand time at this festival. It’s held at the Crystal Palace in Prince Edward County, about a half an hour's drive from our residence.

There’s music, food, and family programming. Listen to live music from various artists while enjoying food trucks, local wine, & beer.

This year, the COUNTY POP Community Music Festival is set to happen on the 7th of May.

3. Circles of Joy – A Festival of Joyful Stories Brought to Life

This festival is described as “a new series of workshops exploring the topic of joy.” It’s a free, online workshop that captures stories of joy from the community. The event will culminate in a Festival of Joy on the 14th of May 2022.

These fun and relaxed interactive workshops focus on connection and the creative process of finding joy and telling stories about it.

The Best Senior Living Experiences

When transitioning to retirement living, choose independent or assisted living in Belleville that will let you thrive in every way. At Livita Bridge Street, we believe that a vibrant life is the only type of life worth living.

Our retirement home in Belleville offers more than the best amenities and services. We also have programs that keep our residents engaged and fulfilled.

Want to ask questions, like types of services, amenities, and retirement home pricing? Give us a call today!

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