Retirement is When You Can “Skip the Dishes” Everyday

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June 22, 2020
Skip the Dishes

Cooking is a wonderful thing to do both alone and for people you care about. It lets you use your senses to create something to nourish yourself and others. But sometimes life gets in the way and you simply don’t have the time or energy to do it. As you age, seeing to this responsibility during your senior living in Oakville is only more complex. That’s why Queen’s Avenue Retirement Residence offers an expert culinary experience for its residents.

What if I Want to Cook?

You will still be able to! All of our suites come with full kitchens. We always support the independence of those living in our senior residence in Oakville, and your ability to cook for yourself is no exception. Our dining program is there for those who want to use it and is by no means mandatory. If you need to go out and get some groceries, ask us about our in-house personal shopping service and talk to our staff about how we can help support you. Normally we would help arrange for a way to help get you out shopping if you’re a non-driver, but given the current need to stay at home, our residents should ask us about alternative ways we can get you the groceries you need when you want to cook yourself a meal or two.

What Does Dining Services at Your Senior Residence in Oakville Offer?

This can depend on what your dining needs are, but our general dining plan includes breakfast and a five-course dinner. If you need something during lunchtime, we offer refreshments throughout the day, but we also have a lunch program for those that need something more in the middle of the day. We are also happy to accommodate for any specific dietary needs or restrictions our residents may have, we can accommodate specific or medical diets. Our senior residence in Oakville makes a point of communicating between departments to ensure that any health concerns, including dietary restrictions or concerns, are addressed whenever a resident needs specific accommodation. If you are curious about what we are currently offering you can contact us and ask about our recent options, or if you are just looking for a general idea of what types of food we offer, you can see an example menu here. If you’re curious about what else we have in store at our senior residence in Oakville, you can take a look at our pre-recorded virtual tour, or give us a call and schedule a personalized virtual tour.

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