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June 29, 2022
Barrie Restaurant

Summer is finally here! There is so much that residents of retirement homes in the Barrie area can do over the summer. There are plenty of festivals and other outdoor activities to enjoy in and around the city.

Aside from various outdoor events, visiting different local restaurants is a worthwhile summer activity this year. With more people out and about, it’s the perfect time to sample the different dining experiences that Barrie has to offer.

Restaurants Around Our Retirement Home in Barrie

Livita Barrington may offersuperb dining services for our residents. However, there is much joy in occasionally eating out, especially with friends or family.

As Ontario’s premier lakefront community, you will find that there are plenty of dining options around Barrie. Retirement residences near you have exciting options to try this summer:

North Country

The summer season always makes you crave a good barbeque. This is exactly what North Country has to offer. It’s one of the best barbeque joints located within the downtown center. Popular on their menu are the smoked brisket and baby back ribs. They even have vegetarian and gluten-free options!

Il Buco

Hungry for Italian food? Il Buco is anaward-winningItalian restaurant in Barrie. They offer authentic Italian cuisine made with the freshest ingredients. You can also enjoy your meals on their patio overlooking the waters of Kempenfelt Bay.

Casa Mia

Fancy some Mediterranean food? Casa Mia is a family-run restaurant that has been around for over 25 years. Residents of retirement homes in Barrie can enjoy the best Greek and Italian cuisine here. From Parmigiana al Forno to Chicken El Greco, there are so many wonderful dishes to try at Casa Mia.

Dunlop Street Diner

If you’re looking for a classic diner experience, Dunlop Street Diner is a great place to go. Take a friend or two for brunch and enjoy dishes like their best-selling eggs benedict, traditional French waffles, and more.


Craving Indian food? Grab a bite at Barrie’s oldest Indian restaurant. They serve a range of scrumptious dishes, all made with natural ingredients. The chefs shy away from using any MSG, animal fat, and even wine. They even have a buffet option, an eight-course meal that includes dessert.

The Farmhouse

Want to dine in a beautiful, historic building in Barrie? The Farmhouse is the ideal place for family gatherings or a night out with friends. It has an outdoor seating area and a great view of Kempenfelt Bay. Here, you’ll find the best Canadian cuisine that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

The Speak Cheasy

A tucked away gem- the speak has a prohibition gangster feel, and they offer incredible scotch/wine and other liquour to cheese pairings and have a selection ofcheesey foods on the menu that are sure to hit the spot.

Groovey Tuesday’s

This restaurant is off the beaten trackbut the food and cocktails are high class!  Sure to make any day feel groovey!

Fun Dining Experiences at Retirement Residences Near You

Take advantage of the warm summer season to go out and enjoy yourself. Invite your friends or family to have lunch or dinner in one of the amazing restaurants the city has to offer.

Here at Livita Barrington, we believe that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. We always encourage our residents to pursue activities that let them thrive, whether it’s eating out, visiting museums, and more.

Live a life of vitality at our retirement home in the Barrie area. Ask us about joining our community.

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