Preparing Your Garden for Spring

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March 2, 2022
Oakville Retirement Home Outdoor Gathering

After the cold winter months, our Oakville retirement home residents are just about ready to welcome spring! It’s an exciting time, especially for our gardening club. Finally, we can get back to gardening this spring.

Plan a beautiful garden at your senior home in Oakville

According to a study, gardening promotes positive aging. Whether you are working in a garden or just spending time in or around a garden, it can have therapeutic benefits for older adults. Engaging with nature is great for:

  • Regulating your emotions
  • Getting relief from stress
  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Keeping you physically active

Looking forward to lovely spring weather in Oakville, ON? It’s never too early to plan out this year’s crop. Here’s how your retirement community can get a jumpstart on spring gardening.

Organize your gardening tools

Before even starting, you must have everything you need ready to use. Take an inventory of your existing tools. Replace any that are broken or missing. Make sure to clean and sterilize them, too.

If your senior homes in Oakville don’t have one, it may be time to get a coiled hose for your garden. This is lightweight, flexible, and lessens the risks of tripping over a tangled hose.

Plan your Oakville retirement home garden

Gardening requires a lot of physical activity. As such, being comfortable in your space is key. One thing to consider is elevating your garden beds. This can make tending to your garden much easier on your knees.

Vertical gardening lets you garden without having to squat or constantly bend down. This is perfect for older adults who may have mobility challenges. You can even use a stool or bench to garden comfortably.

Source and organize your seeds

One of the most enjoyable parts of gardening is selecting what types of plants you want to grow. When selecting a variety of seeds, make sure that these are compatible with the coming season. For instance, summer-flowering plants or vegetables are great options.

Do a general garden clean-up

Before starting, make sure that you prepare your garden for planting. Remove any dead vegetation, weeds, and pests. Any dead, organic matter can go into a compost pile. Also, make sure to get rid of weeds at the root level to avoid having them come back.

Prepare your garden beds

When the soil is no longer wet, it’s time to loosen it by tilling or turning. You can also add compost at this stage. Once your garden beds are ready, you can start planting your seeds, transplanting plants, and more.

Have Fun Gardening in Your Retirement Community!

At Livita Queens Avenue, we value-creating opportunities for our residents to live a life of vitality. Activities like gardening always keep residents active, engaged, and happy.

Are you looking for independent living in Oakville this spring? Give us a call to learn more about our exceptional programs and amenities or book a tour of our residence today!

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