Popular Spots for Fall Foliage in Belleville

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October 18, 2022
Popular Spots for Fall Foliage in Belleville

One of the benefits of independent living for seniors is having the time to create wonderful experiences. Without a regular 9-5, you have the liberty to choose a variety of activities that give you joy.

The fall season is a time of year that many Belleville retirement home residents look forward to. The weather is perfect for going out on walks and exploring the community. Belleville is also surrounded by many lush, green spaces. Come fall, the leaves change colour, transforming the land into a vibrant, picturesque scene.

Finding the Perfect Spot Around Independent Living Near You

Looking at fall foliage can be more than just beauty. For older adults, it’s a nice opportunity to go outdoors and get active. Luckily, there are plenty of places to go in Belleville for a scenic drive, an easy hike, or an afternoon walk to see the colours at their peak.

For those who are no longer able to live on their own, independent living for seniors offers a great way to enjoy the fall season. These facilities often have large grounds with plenty of trees that display stunning colors in the autumn. They also have the occasional day trips to visit perfect spots to view fall foliage.

Here are some of the best places aroundLivitaBridge Street, a community that offers independent living near you to see wonderful fall colours.

1. Local Belleville Parks

Belleville boasts about 500 acres of parkland offering a plethora of foliage. Any one of the local parks is a great place to see the leaves change colour. Here are our top picks:

  1. Zwick’s Centennial Park
  2. Riverside Park Trail
  3. Jane Forrester Park

2. Potter’s Creek Conservation Area

If you or your friends fancy a short hike, the Potter’s Creek Conservation Area is a great place. It has short trails surrounded by plenty of fall foliage. Just make sure to wear shoes with non-slip soles as they can get wet around the area.

3. Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a magical place to be in during the fall season. This quaint island community across the Belleville Bay Bridge offers plenty of spectacular fall foliage.

Independent living services and programs include day trips to different locations. It may be worth suggesting visiting Prince Edward County this fall.

4. Belleville Scenic Routes

Aside from parks and trails, Belleville also offers plenty of scenic routes around the city. Going out for a morning drive? Take these scenic routes, like going from Zion Rd to Old Madoc Rd.

Belleville Independent Living Residences

Enjoy this fall season in a community that encourages you to thrive. At Livita Bridge Street, we value giving residents plenty of meaningful experiences that keep them active and engaged.

We believe that a vibrant life is the best life. Our independent living services and programs are focused on creating an environment where active seniors can thrive. Create the best memories within our community today.

Learn more about Livita Bridge Street by giving us a call today.

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