Planting a Hypoallergenic or Low Allergen Garden

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May 25, 2022
Low Allergen Garden

Residents of Oakville retirement communities always look forward to spring! Aside from the warmer weather, we get to enjoy the many spring blooms that sprout during the season. Unfortunately, it can be a nightmare for anyone prone to allergies or sensitive to pollen.

Do you love gardening but suffer from allergies? You can still do what you love without the added risks. Surround your Oakville retirement residence with plants that don’t set off your allergies.

Planting an Anti-Allergy Garden in Oakville, ON

The truth is you may never have completely allergy-free surroundings. This is because pollen travels through the wind. It may not be fully avoided especially if your residence is surrounded by various greenery.

However, retirement living communities can limit the amount of pollen around their gardens. Choosing hypoallergenic plants lets you enjoy the benefits of gardening without the reaction.

Here are some fantastic options when building your garden this spring:


Flowers are always a staple when building a garden. They are beautiful, and colorful, and make any garden come alive. If you’re allergic to pollen, here are some suggestions for what you can plant:

1. Geranium – these low-maintenance blooms are great as they don’t produce a lot of pollen. If you want a pop of color for your hanging baskets, these are a great choice.

2. Magnolias – these beauties are unlikely to trigger your allergies. They produce coarse pollen, which is heavier and less likely to be airborne.

3. Tulips - these spring staples are extremely low in pollen. You can even cut the blooms and bring them indoors without activating your allergies.

Trees for Oakville Retirement Communities

Planting trees is always a good idea. It may take years to enjoy, but it’s a great contribution to any garden or space. When you’re trying to make your surroundings more allergy-friendly, here are some trees to consider:

1. Persimmons – these have low-pollen to no-pollen at all. Persimmon trees are easy to grow and are very resilient. Plus, the fruit is delicious!

2. Serviceberry – these come in numerous varieties, from Saskatoon, sugarberry, and more. Whatever the variety, they aren’t known to cause allergies.

3. Pears – 5 major varieties grow in Ontario, and each does not set off allergic reactions for the average person. Pears also come in dwarf varieties, perfect for your patio and backyard garden.


Shrubs may seem like they are prone to allergies. However, there are plenty of options for an allergy-friendly garden in Oakville, ON:

1. Hydrangeas – these are very easy to grow and care for. Best of all, the pollen they produce is sticky. This means it is unlikely to be blown by the wind.

2. Rhododendron – these unassuming shrubs produce a variety of beautiful flowers. Their pollen is also sticky, perfect for anti-allergy gardens.

Gardening at Retirement Living Communities

If your passion is gardening, don’t let the thought of pollen keep you from doing what you love! With careful planning, you can enjoy gardening this spring.

At our Oakville retirement residence, we love to find ways to support our resident’s passions and interests.

Learn more about the many programs and services of Livita Queens Avenue today! Contact us to book a tour of our residence.

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