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February 2, 2022
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It has been several months now that we have been spending more time indoors. The winter season makes it more challenging for our active seniors to go out. We have been finding more ways to stay active inside our retirement home in Oakville.

Many of the residents in our senior home in Oakville are already looking forward to warmer weather. We are counting the days until we can go for a walk and explore the neighborhood. This is especially true since the city has a lot of parks to be discovered.

Exploring Parks with Our Retirement Community in Oakville

Independent and assisted living in Oakville is ideal for active seniors who love the great outdoors. Oakville is the ideal city for some outdoor fun. It has over 1,400 hectares of parkland and more than 200 parks!

Near Livita Queens Avenue, you can find several green spaces within walking distance. Looking for a nearby place to go walking? There’s a park right behind the residence and a trail just a few minutes’ walk away.

If you’re planning a day trip by yourself or with family after winter, there are plenty more parks you can visit.

1. Coronation Park

A beautiful park of more than 23 acres. It offers stunning views of Lake Ontario, along with plenty of trees and greenery. There are five large picnic fields, including a covered pavilion. It also has a snack bar facility and event areas.

2. Gairloch Gardens

If you are looking for majestic trees and beautiful scenery, this is the park to go to. Gairloch Gardens has a rose garden, a pond with a small bridge, and a water fountain.

Visit this park when you want to take a walk while soaking in lovely scenery.

3. Shell Park

This family-friendly park has something for everyone. It has a playground, skatepark, and a dog park. Here you will find beautiful gardens filled with a wide variety of flowers and blooms.

It has lots of benches and picnic spaces. Residents of our retirement home in Oakville will surely enjoy this park with friends or family.

4. Tannery Park

This is a newer park situated on the shores of Lake Ontario. It offers the best view of the lake and even a view of the Toronto skyline. Take a walk along the waterfront or sit on the benches or chairs and admire the view of Lake Ontario.

This park also has a stunning view of the sunrise!

Senior Homes in Oakville That Let You Thrive

Here at Livita Queens Avenue, we believe that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. We put value in both the physical and mental well-being of our active seniors.

Our retirement community in Oakville supports the passions and interests of our residents, whether indoors or outdoors. We always make sure we allow residents the chance to live a life of purpose.

Join our community today! To learn more, give us a call or book a tour of our residence.

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