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February 15, 2022
Green Forest in Belleville

We’re in the last stretch of the winter season. As we prepare to say goodbye to the cold winter days, you may want to start thinking about exciting activities you can do this spring.

The winter months have left us indoors in our retirement home in Belleville. Come spring, there will be more opportunities to get some outdoor time. When the weather is warmer, one simple yet wholesome activity for senior living communities is visiting local parks.

Looking Forward to Sunnier Days in Your Retirement Community

Warmer days mean being able to go out as you please, doing activities with your friends and family. And visiting local parks is a great way to have fun and spend time with yourself or with loved ones.

Luckily, independent and assisted living in Belleville has the luxury of near plenty of parks. There are about 500 acres of parkland that active seniors can enjoy. Here are some popular locations you or your loved ones can visit:

1. Zwick’s Centennial Park

This is the largest and most popular park in Belleville. A lot of festivals and events are held here. It is also a popular spot for outdoor weddings. Aside from that, it is an ideal place for people of all ages, with lots of paved walking trails and playgrounds.

This is very accessible to the residents of our retirement community as it’s only a 5-minute drive from the residence.

2. West Riverside Park

A premier public park with a unique feature: a pirate ship play structure! This park has lots of activities for people of all ages.

Here you’ll find a splash pad, soccer field, picnic sites, multi-use trails, and lots of green spaces. This place also has wheelchair access.

3. Jane Forrester Park

Are you looking for a nearby park? If you fancy a morning walk, Jane Forrester Park is just a less than 20-minute walk from Livita Bridge Street.

At the park, you’ll find a tree-lined walking trail, plenty of lawn space, and outdoor fitness equipment. It’s also an excellent place for picnics, with covered picnic shelters. Best of all, you have a view of the water and lots of boats.

4. Corby Park

Corby Park is the best place to go if you want a peaceful and easy afternoon outdoors. It’s the nearest park to our retirement home in Belleville, just a 5-minute walk away.

It has a trail for walking, benches for resting, and of course, the wonderful Corby Rose Garden!

Vibrant Senior Living

Whatever season, it is important for us that residents have opportunities to do activities that give them joy. We always want them to be active and engaged, whether indoors or outdoors.

Here at Livita Bridge Street, we believe that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. As such, we support our resident’s physical and mental well-being with the programs and services we offer.

Want to know more about our amenities, programs, and retirement home pricing? Give us a call today and let our expert staff answer your questions!

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