It cannot be denied that having an active social life greatly benefits one’s mental and emotional health. Aside from exercising one’s critical thinking and verbal skills, socializing also improves ones emotional intelligence and self-confidence. In contrast, isolation causes depression, insomnia, feelings of worthlessness, among other things. Seniors living separately from their families and loved ones are especially prone to these. This is why here at Queens Avenue, we encourage active retirement communities in our facility.

What sets us apart from other senior retirement communities in Oakville is our genuine concern for them. Not just in providing basic care but in looking after their well-being as a whole. As part of our commitment to our residents, we regularly organize social activities, including our Leisure and Recreation program which we give top priority to.

As one of the best senior living in oakville, Queens Avenue Retirement Residence takes pride in having a strong community outreach program because to foster a strong sense of community amongst our seniors. Our Activities Coordinator works tirelessly in building the community spirit and creating genuine bonds amongst our Oakville seniors. One way this is achieved is by signing them up todo charity work. By giving back to the community, seniors boost their sense of self-worth, overall wellbeing, and mood. The recipients, on the other hand, greatly benefit from their acts of kindness and selflessness. Therefore, making it a win-win situation for everybody.Not all Oakville retirement communities take part in such enriching activities.

It’s no secret that Queens Avenue Retirement Residence is an active member in the community, supporting worthy causes and groups. Some of our regular recipients are the Oakville Food Bank, Oakville United Way, and Canadian Cancer Society’s Oakville. Aside from our local initiatives in Oakville, we have also worked with World Vision and Canadian Red Cross to provide financial assistance to victims of natural disasters not just in the country but across the world. It includes the devastating tsunami and earthquake the occurred back in 2011. Through the community’s small but consistent acts of compassion towards others, seniors at Queens Avenue are making the world a better place.

We also offer plenty of fun and interesting activities that cultivate a sense of belongingness and that encourage meaningful friendships among seniors. These include workshops and sports. If you’re planning to stay in one of the best retirement living communities in Oakville and to live the rest of your life fruitfully, choose Queens Avenue Retirement Residence.

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