Why Moving To Retirement Communities In The Winter Is Better Than Staying At Home

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February 19, 2020
Senior retirement residence in Oakville, ON

If you’ve recently searched the internet for ‘retirement communities near me’ chances are you may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to handle another year of winter maintenance at home. As soon as the first bit of snow or ice accumulates on the ground in Oakville, the outdoor environment becomes a significantly bigger safety risk for older adults.

If you or your loved one are considering senior retirement communities soon, it’s a good idea to plan the move before the winter typically begins. To start, arrange for tours and start inquiring about the maintenance-free living retirement communities can bring a few months ahead of time so that everything is organized before the temperature drops well below zero.

4 Reasons To Move Into Senior Retirement Communities And Avoid Winter Weather

There may never be an ideal time to move, but we can share some important reasons why eliminating another winter at home can improve both health and safety. Keep reading for four great benefits of living in senior retirement communities in the colder winter months.

1. Reduced risks related to ice and snow.

One of the most substantial reasons for moving into retirement communities before winter is to avoid the dangers of ice and snow. Oakville’s winter weather, which can include freezing rain, sleet, and snow, make road conditions dangerous. Not only do chances of road accidents increase, but the risk of slip and fall incidents on the icy ground is very high. When you are part of an engaging senior living environment, you will have less reason to be out on the roads as everything you need will be right within your close-knit community.

2. No more difficult winter home maintenance.

As mentioned, searches for ‘retirement homes near me’ may be sparked by the thought of managing upcoming winter home maintenance. Winter brings with it many responsibilities such as managing potential frozen pipes, shoveling and salting driveways and walkways and keeping decks and eaves troughs clear of ice and winter debris. Certainly one of the biggest appeals of retirement communities is being able to enjoy a warm and welcoming space without worrying about any home maintenance or housekeeping.

3. Reduced social Isolation.

For older adults living alone, winter can be isolating. Treacherous winter weather leads to many mature adults being cooped up inside, reducing social interaction and increasing the chance of depression. Moving into a retirement living community can help people thrive in winter as there are so many new interests to explore and new friends to meet – all under one roof.

4. Safe transportation.

From mobility challenges to colder temperatures and poor visibility, winter makes getting around risky. Even if you are an experienced driver, there is no doubt that winter weather conditions make transportation more difficult. However, when you are part of a retirement community, access to safe and reliable transportation services during winter weather is an option you’ll be able to explore. These tailored services mean that going out to the mall or grocery store becomes much less stressful.

Enjoy Worry-Free Living At Queens Avenue Retirement Residence In Oakville

At Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, we work hard to provide a balanced lifestyle where our residents can thrive, feel safe and build beautiful friendships. We offer a wide variety of choices and know that we can help you or your loved one find comfort and compassion in our retirement community. With less focus on having to handle life alone, it’s possible to still cultivate a passion for life at any age. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our balanced approach to senior living in Oakville.

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