Let’s Start to “Just Say Hello”

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August 5, 2020
Let’s Start to “Just Say Hello”

As we all work to maintain our social distance, loneliness has become more of an issue for some of us, but there are great ways to stay happy and connected in your retirement living community. One way in particular that we love came about before the age of social distancing even started, Oprah’s “Just Say Hello” campaign.

What is “Just Say Hello”?

Borrowed from an Oprah idea, the ‘just say hello’ program is all about including everyone in a Retirement Residence to simply smile and say hello to other Residents, staff and families.  This fosters a warm and friendly environment and is especially welcoming for new Residents transitioning to a community environment. 

How Can I Participate in My Oakville Retirement Residence?

At Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, we are still observing heightened social distancing protocols and keeping our residents safe, so our way of “just saying hello” is a little different than what was originally imagined for Oprah’s initiative. Here are some of the ways you can still participate while in the safety of your retirement living community:

  • Say hi to the residents and team members around you. It’s important to keep a strong sense of community with the people we’re staying safe with!
  • Reach out to loved ones with your virtual presence. Are you thinking of a friend? Missing a family member? Give them a call! Even if it’s been a long time, just reach out and say hello. Re-establishing connections with people you care about is a powerful thing.
  • Have a virtual face-to-face interaction. Skype, Zoom, and other video chatting conferencing software have made a world of difference while we all do our part to maintain proper social distancing. Do you miss having coffee with a friend? Get a coffee and hop on a video call from your Oakville retirement residence!

People who create and maintain friendships with those around them see positive benefits to their health including increased longevity and elevated mood. Saying hello is the first step. Think how wonderful you would feel if everyone who passed you said hello!

We’d Love to Say Hello to You Are you looking for a welcoming retirement living community where care isn’t just about a person’s health, but about the person as a whole? Then we think you should talk to the team here at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence. You can call us at (905) 815-0862 xt 224 to book a tour or you can take our virtual tour.

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