It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Hobbies

December 21, 2019
Healthy Hobby Ideas for Seniors

One of the many benefits of senior retirement communities includes having more time and resources to devote to activities that you love or have always wanted to try. Regardless of age, senior independent residences in Oakville typically have leisure and recreation programs and activities that includes something for everyone.

At Queens Avenue Retirement Residence, we offer lots of choice when it comes to participating in a particular hobby or being interested in learning a new skill. From fitness to cards, art projects to brain teasers, our robust offering supports seniors continuing to pursue hobbies at any age. There has been plenty of research to show that when seniors get involved in hobbies, they are generally happier and tend to live longer. Not only does it help keep senior retirement communities engaged by providing a varied program, but it is very effective in bringing residents together and fostering friendships and positive mental health.

When choosing a senior independent residence in Oakville, be sure to visit the common areas where activities may take place and ask for details about activities they offer. Queens Avenue Retirement Residence encourages you to visit our community to find out more about what we have to offer.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence in Oakville

Healthy Hobby Ideas for Seniors

Mental and social activity is just as critical as physical activity when it comes to healthy aging, and hobbies can play a huge role. If you are looking for a new activity to discover or would like some ideas about activities your loved one may enjoy, look at the list below.

1. Arts and crafts

More than providing something fun to stimulate the brain, creating art and crafts can also be therapeutic. From painting, sculpting and scrapbooking to knitting or sewing, art is one of the best activities seniors can practice.

2. Dance

Dancing is a great way for seniors to exercise and socialize. It can improve balance, gait and overall functioning, while also helping to reduce the risk of falls and injury.

3. Gardening

Gardening encourages the use of motor skills, improves endurance and strength, all while reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Many senior retirement communities offer a gardening club during the spring and summer seasons.

6. Playing games

From Bridge to Scrabble, cards and games are an excellent way for seniors to keep their minds sharp. Critical thinking and crossword puzzles are also great ways to keep the brain fit.

7. Fitness Classes From supporting cardiac health to helping strengthen bones, having seniors involved in a variety of fitness classes will help them stay physically and mentally fit. Exercise movements can easily be modified depending on each person’s mobility making it possible to participate at a variety of different levels.

Choose From A Wide Range Of Leisure Activities At Queens Avenue Retirement

Want to pursue new hobbies and make the most of your retirement? Check out what Queens Avenue Retirement Residence in Oakville has to offer. We provide residents with a robust schedule of activities packed with social, recreational and cultural options, making pursuing hobbies simple and fun. We make every effort to ensure your time with us supports your overall health and provides ample opportunity to live positively during your retirement. To find out more about our community, please contact us.

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