How to Get a Sunny Day Attitude When It’s Overcast

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February 16, 2021
Assisted living Oakville

The winter months in Oakville, ON, typically bring cold, overcast weather that keeps us indoors. With spring still feeling a long way away, residents of Oakville retirement communities may find it challenging to keep a sunny attitude.

How Overcast Weather Affects Oakville Retirement Communities

Serotonin is a hormone that balances mood and creates feelings of happiness. Because the sun positively affects serotonin levels in our bodies, lack of sunlight can leave us feeling bluer than usual.

Being indoors can affect the mood of residents in retirement homes in Oakville. This gives us the opportunity to find meaningful activities that contribute to brighter and better mental well-being.

Ways to Keep a Sunny Attitude

  1. Exercise

Exercise is a great way to get an endorphin boost! Endorphins are mood elevators that make us feel good after moving our bodies.

Going for a walk or dancing even while indoors is enough to elevate our mood. Better yet, check out the activities calendar for the next Thai Chi or fitness class schedule!

  • Eat Healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet is also key to maintaining a positive mental state. For example, a study showed that eating fiber for breakfast can increase mood and energy levels.

For this reason, our retirement home in Oakville ensures we prepare meals that nourish not only our bodies but our minds.

  • Self-Care

Self-care is also crucial for keeping a sunny attitude. Focusing on activities that make you happy and relaxed is a great way to keep your mood up.

A warm bath, listening to good music, or meditating are just a few things you can do. Even going to our library to read a good book will lift your spirits!

  • Staying Connected

Having someone to talk to is a necessary part of keeping positive during cloudy days, whether you live on your own, in a retirement residence, or use assisted living services in Oakville. While the pandemic may make staying connected challenging, there are plenty of creative ways to seek someone out. A phone call or video call from our loved ones can make a huge difference in how we feel!

Of course, our team is filled with warm and wonderful people that you can always reach out to. Engaging with our residents is one of our favorite things to do!

An Oakville Retirement Community that Makes Every Day a Good Day

Despite every day not being a sunny day, we always strive to find ways to keep positive at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence. If you are looking for a community that cares about your physical and emotional health, contact us today! Our team members will be glad to answer your questions. Take a virtual tour to see more of what we can offer!

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