How an Activities Department Encourages Active Senior Living

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June 30, 2020
Encourages Active Senior Living

You may think to yourself, “well isn’t it obvious? It’s in the name!” While you may have a point to a certain degree, an activities department at a school, for instance, is going to be vastly different from an activities department at an Oakville retirement community. As you age, activities that are beneficial may change. For example, if you have joint pain, high impact exercise may not be a good fit. You might benefit more from swimming instead of running. Or perhaps you have sensitive skin and a walk or run outside may not be beneficial and you need indoor options.

If you’re not sure what “active living” means exactly, we have a blog from earlier this month that can help you understand.

What Does an Activities Department for an Oakville Retirement Community Do?

A good way to understand this is to take a look at our activities calendar. We will use the first half of this month’s calendar as an example:

You can see that we offer a wide variety of options for our residents, but what we would like to focus in on for this blog are the more “active” activities. Our two main offerings that we have every week are an exercise program (this occurs multiple times a week) and Wii Bowling. These activities get our residents up and moving while enjoying their time together as a community. We also have happy hours and music days where our residents are always welcome to dance and enjoy moving to the music.

It is important to us that our residents have many chances to engage in an active lifestyle while also bonding with those they have chosen to make a community with. If we were not observing social distancing procedures, we would also be taking our residents for day trips around town and various surrounding areas. An active lifestyle is not just about exercise, it is about doing things you enjoy that inherently get you up and moving. But currently to keep our residents safe from infection, all activities have to stay within our Oakville retirement community. We take our residents’ health and safety very seriously and are working hard to maintain our five plus years without an outbreak.

An Oakville Retirement Community to Be Proud Of

Are you or a loved one looking for a community where active senior living is included in the daily offerings? Queens Avenue Retirement Residence can help you maintain your active lifestyle and discover fun, new activities to enrich your retirement life. Ask us about setting up a personalized virtual tour to see how you will fit in with our community.

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