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December 1, 2022
Senior citizens painting competition at Queens Avenue Retirement Residence

Going from a regular 9-5 to having more time for what makes you feel most fulfilled is one of the most wonderful changes brought about by retirement. Transitioning to senior living in Oakville lets you pursue various hobbies or interests that you may have put on the back burner.

Benefits of Having a Hobby at Senior Homes in Oakville

There’s so much that adults in senior retirement communities can benefit from by having a hobby. According to the National Institute on Aging, engaging in activities you enjoy can:

  1. Reduce the risk of certain diseases
  2. Increase your lifespan
  3. Make you feel happier and healthier
  4. Improve your resilience
  5. Enhance cognitive abilities

Luckily, whether in or outside retirement homes in Oakville, there’s a plethora of activities and programs you can take part in. It’s just a matter of choosing one or a few that you are passionate about.

Engaging Hobbies for Seniors

Looking for activities you can enjoy whether indoors or outdoors? Here’s a list of hobbies you can pick up this year.

1. Cooking

Do you love to cook and eat? This is a great time to sharpen those cooking or baking skills. Develop new cooking techniques while exploring various culinary cultures.

2. Playing an instrument

Older adults in senior homes in Oakville can get a lot of benefits from playing an instrument. It’s great for your memory, dexterity, and mental health.

3. Gardening

Having a garden around your retirement home in Oakville is the perfect opportunity to pick up gardening. It’s something you can do year-round, exploring new plants for each season.

4. Hiking

If you’re looking for an outdoor hobby, hiking is a great choice. It lets you enjoy nature while keeping physically active.

5. Golfing

Golfing is popular among residents of senior retirement communities. It’s a relaxing sport that helps you get out and be active.

6. Fishing

This is another awesome outdoor hobby. Fishing keeps you relaxed and lowers stress while involving light physical activity.

7. Photography

Photography is a fantastic art form to engage in. Whether you do it with point-and-shoot cameras or your phone, it’s a great way to explore and express yourself.

8. Sports

Any type of sport is a great hobby to get into when you’re older. It keeps you active and socially engaged. Tennis, swimming and biking are excellent choices.

9. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great hobby for seniors when they want to get more involved in their community. There is so much help to extend. And it’s the best way to gain more purpose and meaning in retirement.

10. Traveling

They say you’re never too old to go on an adventure. Take that dream vacation, explore a new place, and make awesome memories!

Making Senior Living in Oakville More Purposeful

It’s the best time to choose a hobby that ignites your passions and interests. Find what you’re passionate about here at Livita Queens Avenue.

We believe that a vibrant life is the best life. We offer a selection of programs and activities that keep our residents active and engaged.

Learn more about our enriching programs by giving us a call today.

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