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February 21, 2022
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Learning is a lifelong journey. It is something that benefits us at any stage of our life. Older adults, in particular, benefit a lot from lifelong learning in Barrie retirement homes.

Simple activities like reading, taking classes, or going out to explore the world do a lot of good for our brains. This keeps our minds sharp and lowers the risks of dementia. Additionally, a study showed that non-formal learning can positively affect an older adult’s psychological wellbeing.

Independent and assisted living in Barrie can give you plenty of learning opportunities. An easy yet engaging venture is to take a look around your city! Have you ever wondered about the history of Barrie? Any time is a great time to start learning more about the city you live in.

Historical Landmarks Near Your Retirement Community in Barrie

One of the best things about learning the history of your community is understanding why and how things are the way they are. This understanding is how you can gain more appreciation for the environment that you are in.

What better way to learn about Barrie, ON than to explore the different historical sites it has to offer. Plan a day trip with your friends or family and visit these interesting sites:

1. Simcoe County Museum

Learn about the people, events, and various artifacts behind Simcoe County’s diverse past. Here you’ll find a range of galleries and exhibits. This includes an outdoor heritage and buildings display.

2. Nine Mile Portage Heritage Trail

Fancy a walk while learning about history? The Nine Mile Portage Heritage Trail is based on an ancient overland route created by the early indigenous people of the area. It was used as a trade and supply route between Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay.

3. Fort Willow Heritage Site

The Historic Fort Willow was built during the war of 1812 as a supply depot. It was also used for centuries as part of a major transportation route known as the Nine Mile Portage. Both the Nine Mile Portage and the Historic Fort Willow have been recognized as national historic sites.

4. Barrie’s Architectural Heritage

You can learn a lot about the history and development of a place through its architecture. Heritage Barrie offers various walking tours taking you around heritage sites in different locations.

For instance, the Grand Homes Tour will let you see interesting historical dwellings in the city. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Barrie was the location of choice for many prominent families. This tour shows the kind of homes that were kept back in the day.

Always Learning in Barrie Retirement Homes

Make this year a year of learning! Explore what your city has to offer by learning about its history and heritage today.

Here at Livita Barrington, we always support our resident’s desire to live a purposeful lifestyle. We are a retirement community in Barrie that aims to provide residents with meaningful experiences that will let them thrive!

Looking for independent or assisted living in Barrie? Contact us today to speak with our friendly staff!

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