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September 21, 2022
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We often talk about how important it is for older adults to keep active and engaged. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do that in Oakville retirement homes. Through programs and activities, residents have a lot of opportunities to lead an active lifestyle.

However, being active and engaged isn’t just limited to activities within your senior home in Oakville. It should also extend to meaningful activities outside your residence.

Community Outreach Around Retirement Homes Near You

One of the ways Livita Queens Avenue provides meaningful activities outside the residence is through community involvement. For years, we have worked closely with various organizations around our retirement community in Oakville. These include:

  1. Oakville Food Bank
  2. Oakville United Way
  3. Canadian Cancer Society Oakville
  4. World Vision
  5. Canadian Red Cross

We believe that community engagement doesn’t just benefit the recipients. It also provides older adults with a sense of belonging and boosts their self-confidence.

Volunteer Opportunities Near Oakville Retirement Homes

Are you or your loved ones looking to be more involved with your community this year? Volunteer your time, skills, and resources through these organizations:

1. YMCA of Oakville

Active seniors can apply to become a volunteer for the YMCA of Oakville. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available. You can support their programs or events or provide expertise and leadership. It’s a great way to share your talents, interests, and most especially, your time.

2. Oakville Center for the Performing Arts

If you love music and performing arts, volunteering at the Oakville Center for the Performing Arts may be just what you need. It’s a good way to support the performing arts community of Oakville.

Active seniors have the chance to meet new people, develop new skills, and become more engaged with the community.

3. Oakville Public Library

The Oakville Public Library is committed to building community through connecting people and ideas. There are different library programs you can get involved in. One of these is volunteering with the Friends of Oakville Public Library.

It’s a group that aims to enhance library programs and services. Residents of senior homes in Oakville can volunteer during book sales, fundraising activities, and other events.

4. Oakville Community Centres

Volunteering at any Oakville Community Centre is a great way to get involved with your community. There are six community centers in total. Often, they need help with recreational programs, equipment cleaning, special events, and more.

Staying Active and Engaged at Retirement Communities in Oakville

Looking for the right retirement home near you? Choose one that lets you lead a purposeful life. This is what you can get and more from Livita Queens Avenue.

We believe in the philosophy that a balanced lifestyle is a better lifestyle. As such, our programs and services are geared toward improving our residents’ overall well-being. We strive to build an environment where our residents can thrive.

Start living a more vibrant lifestyle with us today! Contact Livita Queens Avenue to learn more.

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