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April 22, 2020
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If you haven’t heard of it, “Hygge” is a Danish practice of self-care and coziness that everyone, including our residents living in senior retirement residences in Oakville, can benefit from.

Pronounced “HUE-guh”, Hygge is less about learning a specific method, buying things to fit a certain aesthetic, or adhering to a certain diet. It’s more about knowing how to be more present and in the moment in your independent living, and what’s beautiful about that is it’s something unique to everyone.

In an article from, they explain that Hygge is a feeling of, “togetherness, relaxation, indulgence, presence, and comfort.”

How Can I Use Hygge in my Independent Living?

What’s wonderful about Hygge is how it’s about creating a feeling of contentment for yourself and others, so everyone can have different ways of experiencing Hygge on a day to day basis. It could be as simple as having some cozy daily rituals that you adhere to in your senior retirement residence. Here are some ways that we think our residents—or other members of the Oakville community and the rest of the world—could use to bring a little Hygge into their lives:

  • Making your favourite tea, a lovely cup of cocoa, or a warm cup of coffee and having it in a set of fine china or a nice mug that you cherish.
  • Dressing up in a stylish or fancy outfit that you love even if you’re just having a relaxing day at home in your senior retirement residence.
  • Wrapping yourself in your favourite blanket while talking to a loved one over the phone, or maybe looking at a photo album of fond memories.

You make your daily life in independent living a special event, which is part of the essence of Hygge.

How Does Queens Avenue Retirement Help Create Hygge?

We take the idea of enriching the lives of our residents very seriously. It is our happy responsibility to help create a community in which they feel content, cozy, and cared for. Some of the ways we like to help create this community are:

  • Our high-quality dining experience that brings our residents delicious and nourishing food, so every meal feels like a special occasion.
  • The activities we have planned for our residents in independent living and those using assisted living services. Every month we create a calendar of events to ensure that our residents have something to look forward to.
  • Our expert housekeeping services to allow our residents to focus on the best parts of life while still maintaining a clean and comfortable living space.

While the word “Hygge” may not necessarily be a part of our formally stated values, what it represents is something Queens Avenue Retirement sees as paramount for our residents: comfort, happiness, and enjoying life.

Join Our Community

Are you looking for a senior retirement residence in Oakville? Queens Avenue Retirement is here to provide you with an enriching senior independent living experience. If you’re interested in seeing how we can help provide you or your loved one with your own piece of Hygge, contact us or take a look at our virtual tour.

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