Fun Fall Facts: Learn More About Everyone's Favourite Season!

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October 5, 2021
Fun Fall Season

Summer has come and gone. This means we’re looking forward to shorter days and cooler temperatures. We’ve enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities during summer. However, the fall in Oakville, ON, brings a lot of charm and beauty that shouldn’t be missed.

Residents at senior homes in Oakville particularly love the fall season! It is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors. Active seniors love taking walks and spending time outside without the raging summer heat.

Fall in Oakville Retirement Residences

Crisp, cool air, multi-color nature displays, and delicious fall treat – there is so much to love about fall! Here are some fun fall facts:

  1. Fall colors

Do you like spending time outside of your retirement home in Oakville? Have you ever thought about what causes the colors of the leaves to change during fall?

One reason is the breakdown of chlorophyll which gives leaves their green color. This is during the food-making process called photosynthesis. Due to the lack of sunlight, plants stop their food-making process. This causes the green color to disappear, making the yellow and orange pigments more visible.

2. Fall bird migrations

We often think about birds
migrating during spring….coming home from Southern climes. However, you can
also catch birds migrating south during the fall season…especially the geese!

Fall migration in Ontario can be seen from late August to early November. You may catch some hawks, waterfowls, and more on the move during your daily walks by your Oakville retirement residence.

3. A thousand varieties of apples

Fall is the apple-picking
season! Did you know that there are 7,500 varieties of
apples grown throughout the world? And only 40 of these are grown across Canada.

Another fun apple fact: it takes two pounds of apples to make one 9-inch pie. Good to know the next time you’re planning to bake one!

4. Aurora Season

According to NASA, autumn is aurora season. With the surplus of geomagnetic storms during fall, you are more likely to get a view of the Northern Lights. In Ontario, September and October are prime months to catch the aurora borealis.

5. The season for Rom-Coms

According to a study, fall is usually
the season when people are most likely to watch romantic comedies. They say the
cold season activates a need for psychological warmth, which draws people to
feel-good movies like romantic comedies.

Maybe this is why retirement homes in Oakville love having rom-com movie nights during the fall!

Making the Most of Fall in the Best Senior Homes in Oakville

Part of our Live Balanced, Live Better philosophy is
creating opportunities for our residents to thrive. Whatever the season, we
always find meaningful and engaging activities for our active seniors.

Here at Livita Queens Avenue, we offer a range of
programs and services that encourages a life of vitality for our residents!

Are you looking for the right retirement community in Oakville, ON? Give us a call today and talk to our friendly team members!

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