Finding Our Founders: Learning About How Belleville Started

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August 12, 2022
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Are you or your loved one looking for a retirement community in Belleville? It’s important to choose a community that supports your passions and interests. Livita Bridge Street does just that for our residents.

Whether you enjoy reading, playing sports, music, or learning, we have programs and activities that cater to what you’re interested in. It is important for us that residents of our Belleville retirement home live enriching and meaningful lives.

Learning About Belleville’s History in Retirement Homes Near You

One of the things a lot of our residents is passionate about is continuous learning. We always find different opportunities for active seniors to learn new skills and knowledge.

Today, we’re hoping to discover the history of the city of Belleville.

The Original Settlers

The city of Belleville is found along the traditional territory of various Indigenous Peoples. The sheltered waters, access to Lake Ontario, and abundant fishing grounds make it an ideal place to settle.

It is here that you’ll find Asukhknosk, the historic village of the Anishinaabe people.

Captain John Meyers

In the 18th century, Asukhknoskwas part of the land purchased by the Crown. This was used for the resettlement of United Empire Loyalists.

It was 1789 when the first large settlers arrived in Belleville. One of the city’s founders, Captain John Meyer, built a couple of structures in the area. These included a dam on the Moira River, a sawmill, gristmill, and distillery. He is also said to be the one who built the first brick house in Upper Canada.

A Bustling Lumber Town

There was a strong demand for lumber in England in the 1800s. With rich forests easily accessed through the Moira River, Belleville fast became a lumber town. This made the city’s harbour bustling with export trade in lumber and flour.

The Name Belleville

It was in 1816, during the visit of Lieutenant-Governor Sir Francis Gore, that the area became known as Belleville. The city was given that name in honour of his wife, Lady Annabella Gore.

Developing Belleville

In 1832, Henry Corby along with his wife arrived and settled in Belleville. Being a merchant, he soon built a grocery store and other businesses including H. Corby Distillery.

Soon, his son Henry Corby Jr, took over the family business. He donated funding for a public library, developed parks, and established a charity. Their family contributed heavily to the development of the city. They brought in various businesses and flourishing agricultural activities.

Live a Vibrant Life at Belleville Retirement Homes

There is much more to learn and experience in our retirement community in Belleville. Residents will have opportunities to learn and pursue many passions here at Livita Bridge Street.

If you’re looking for a retirement home near you, Livita Bridge Street is here for you. Contact us today to learn more or book a tour of our residence today.

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