Find The Right Assisted Living In Oakville By Asking These 8 Questions

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December 18, 2019
Assisted Living In Oakville

Assisted living in Oakville can be the ideal option for long term senior living. For those looking to maintain plenty of independence, while also benefitting from extra health and social support, assisted living homes are a great fit. In many cases, these type of retirement homes are an investment that families, including seniors themselves, are happy to make. However, once you determine that assisted living in Oakville is the best option, how do you begin to find the right one to suit your needs?

It’s certainly worth it to take your time when it comes to looking for assisted living homes in your community. Hopefully, you will be living in your new home for years to come, so be sure to be thorough when gathering information. The more you know upfront, the more confident you’ll be when making your choice.

Asking Questions About What’s Important To You

Whether you start by engaging in a phone
conversation or immediately start touring potential retirement homes in
Oakville, be ready with a list of questions so that you get answers about what
is important to you. To get you started, here’s a list of helpful questions to

1. What type of apartments do you have and what’s available now?

This might seem like an obvious question, but assisted living in Oakville can sometimes come with a waitlist. If there is a waitlist, inquire how long it is

and determine if you can wait for something to open up in your ideal community.

If there isn’t a waitlist, find out what types of apartments the community has available and match them to your needs. Do you prefer a studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or other types of the apartment? Consider your overall space needs as well as specifics, such as kitchen space. (Cymbalta)

2. What services are included in the monthly fee?

The monthly rent may cover typical costs such as utilities, cable, and Wi-Fi, but also inquire about other services such as housekeeping and daily meals. In some retirement homes, you will find bundles of services and amenities, while others are more a la carte. Don’t assume that all assisted living in Oakville includes services similarly.

3. What types of activities and events do you offer?

Take a look at the monthly activity calendar and determine if what is offered matches up with your preferences and interests. Review the activities to make sure that there are some each week that will provide genuine opportunities for fun, engagement, and socialization.

4. Do you offer free transportation or transportation alternatives?

Some facilities offer bus services that provide transportation to specific locations such as doctor’s offices, grocery stores, and banks. Others may make taxi vouchers or transportation coordination services available.

5. What types of health services are offered on-site? Are there visiting clinicians who are accepting new clients?

6. Do you offer a choice of meals?

If the community offers meals in a dining
room, ask if there are multiple menu choices. Ask to see a sample of the
monthly or weekly menu
, and inquire if you are able to partake in a meal at
the community. Additionally, ask if the community will bring a tray to your apartment,
if needed and when snacks are served.

7. When can I come for a visit?

How do I arrange to have a meal or attend a class or activity? You should expect a welcome and a ‘yes’.

8. What happens if additional medical services are needed?

Find out if your assisted living community offers the coordination of visiting specialists or a house physician and additional nursing care and what are the costs.

Queens Avenue Retirement Residence Welcomes You

In addition to the questions we’ve
provided, don’t forget to include your own questions about things that are
especially important, or worrisome, to you. For high-quality assisted living in
Oakville offers an independent lifestyle in addition to a vibrant and
welcoming community, we invite you to discover Queens Avenue Retirement
Residence. We are passionate about providing a positive environment for
seniors that offers a balanced retirement lifestyle and a strong sense of
community, paired with outstanding care and support. Contact us today to learn
more about our balanced-focus approach.

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