Fall Festivals in the Oakville Area

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September 29, 2022
Fall Festival in Oakville

As summer ends, residents of Oakville retirement homes start to look forward to autumn. And there is a lot to look forward to. As the temperature cools down, it is a great time to get out and about.

Fall Festivals Around the Best Retirement Homes in Oakville

Oakville is a great place to be during the fall season. Aside from the beautiful scenery, you can enjoy the many activities happening in and around Oakville retirement homes.

Among these many activities are different fall festivals around the city. Looking for something fun to jumpstart the fall season? Here are just a few festivals to look out for:

1. Kerrfest

Kerrfest is an annual street festival that kicks off the fall season in Oakville.

Live music, local food vendors, and markets. These are some of the things residents of Oakville can look forward to for the first three days. The last day, however, is filled with exciting activities for kids and their families. Aside from musical entertainment, there’s face painting, free hot dogs, and more.

2. Oak Park 25th Annual Fall Fair

The Oak Park Fall Fair is organized by a local charity, the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre. This one-day festival is filled with a lot of fun activities for everyone. There is music, various entertainment, a BBQ dinner, and an outdoor movie.

3. Fall Harvest Festival

The annual Fall Harvest Festival at Bronte Creek Park takes place every year on the 4th weekend of September. It is an opportunity to experience harvest season as it may have been a hundred years ago.

This festival is filled with a lot of activities for all ages:

  • Pumpkin picking and carving
  • Tour the turn-of-the-century farmhouse
  • Apple cider pressing demos
  • Fun fall food like kettle corn, fresh corn, hot dogs, and apple cider

Planning for Fall at Oakville Retirement Homes

Make autumn one for the books this year! Discover the different fall festivals that you can enjoy around the city.

Are you or your loved one looking for a retirement community? Make sure to choose one that helps you live a life of vitality.

At Livita Queens Avenue, our goal is for our residents to live a life to the fullest. We do this by offering programs and activities that offer opportunities to live a vibrant life.

Looking for the best retirement home in Oakville? Contact Livita Queens Avenue to learn more about our community.

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