Fall Festivals in the Barrie Area

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September 1, 2022
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Fall is another wonderful time to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Residents of retirement homes in the Barrie area can look forward to the crisp, cool air, and the changing colours of autumn.

One of the wonderful things about Barrie is it offers plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces. Older adults can enjoy them by going on walks, hiking, and doing various outdoor activities. Do you know what’s another activity that can make autumn more meaningful? Visiting various fall festivals around retirement homes “near me.”

Fall Festivals Around Retirement Homes in Barrie

At Livita Barrington, we always make sure residents experience activities in and out of the residence. Changes in the season are a good opportunity to keep them engaged. For instance, we always look for festivals and events happening in and around the city.

Here are some popular festivals happening around our retirement home in Barrie this fall.

1. Chapelle Farms Fall Festival

Just a few minutes from Livita Barrington is Chapelle Farms. Every year around late September through Halloween, they celebrate their fall festival. They offer plenty of attractions for everyone. These include a petting zoo, farm lookout, pumpkin picking, walking trail, and more.

2. Barrie Fall Fishing Festival

If you love fishing, you’ll be sure to enjoy going to the Barrie Fall Fishing Festival. It’s a catch-and-release tagged Perch fishing tournament. For 10 days, you can go fishing, and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery of Kempenfelt Bay.

3. Festival at the Fort

Every year, the Friends of Fort Willow organize the Festival at the Fort at the Historic Fort Willow Conservation Area. It’s a unique experience where visitors get to see what life was like at Fort Willow pre-European contact. Activities can include:

· Candle making

· Learning about traditional blacksmithing and carpentry

· See displays of traded items between Indigenous peoples and Europeans

· Learn about their food at the time

4. Barrie Hill Farms Fall Festival

If you’re looking for classic fall fare, the Barrie Hill Farms Fall Festival is where to find it. Pick-your-own pumpkins, apples, popping corn – get all these and more at the festival.

Listen to live music, check out local vendors, and drink hot-pressed apple cider during your visit.

Make the most out of the fall season in and around retirement homes in the Barrie area! Find out about the different fall festivals happening in and around the city. Take a weekend trip with your family or hop from one festival to another with your friends.

Creating Memories at Retirement Homes Near You

At Livita Barrington, we believe in enriching the lives of our independent seniors and seniors in respite care. We do this through premium programs and engaging activities.

For us, a vibrant lifestyle is the only type of life worth living. We always give residents different opportunities to learn, find new experiences, and grow.

We offer some of the best programs and services for you. Learn more about what our community has to offer by giving us a call today.

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